NSLIJ Cohen's Pediatric New Grad Fellowship

  1. Anybody else apply to the fellowship?? It was posted last week and I haven't heard anything yet, so I was wondering if anyone else has
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  3. by   tfb228
    I also applied, but not really sure what the fellowship is all about. I spoke to someone in NSLIJ and they said its a 6 month fellowship- does that mean after 6 months I'll be out of a job??
  4. by   asats
    It's a three semester thing. First part is classroom, second part you have a preceptor and third part, you're on your own but have a preceptor reference pretty much. After the first six months ish, you have a lot of autonomy on your own so that's probably what your friend meant when they said it's a six month fellowship. The fellowships are all 1 year then you have to give 1 year back to the hospital for training you, so it's a two year commitment. I did find out that the Cohen's Talent Aquisition people don't want people who haven't taken their boards yet, because it's risky whether or not they'll pass in time for the fellowship to start, so I'm out of the running on this one. I am interviewing for the ED one at Manhassat on Tuesday though. Good luck to you!
  5. by   kimberly2014
    How did the interview go for the ED at Manhassat? I just got called for an interview and I am really curious and don't know wha to expect. Did you interview with HR or a nurse manager? @asats