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  1. by   katiescow
    Definitely less in the peds office I work in we're down to one male nurse now with 15 female nurses.

    Some men are intimidated. It sounds funny but in nursing school the only male student in our class and I worked together on the peds unit in the hospital and he felt like he couldn't connect with the patients like the females in the class did and it made him uncomfortable working with the kids.
  2. by   ChristineN
    I have worked with some male nurses in peds, most were peds ER or PICU, but some did general peds. They were all amazing nurses, and I wish there were more guys in peds. I have seen in some smaller/more close minded peds units that some of the older female nurses don't seem as receptive, but you just need to find a unit that will be supportive and encouraging