I just had my first interview for Pediatric Nurse Residency!!

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    I had my first interview for the Pediatric Nurse Residency Program at the children's hospital where I live I feel like the interview went well, since I had been through the same interview pricess when I was hired there as a nurse extern. I hope I get a position because it is about the only way to get on at this hospital without a year of previous experience! I really don't want to have to get a year's experince on med-surg adult floor before going to Peds, but that's what I will do if I don't get a PNR position. I thought I would share my news!

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    If it is what you want, I hope you get the job. Good luck!
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    Just curious... what hospital is it you will be at? PM me if you want. Good luck with it!!! You will do great I am sure!
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    You mentioned that it was just like your interview for the nurse extership. I have an interview for a nurse externship that will be in front of a "panel". Can you tell me what your nurse extern interview was like? What should or could I expect to be asked. I'm a tad nervous as I really want this. Any thoughts or advice would be very appreciated.
    BTW, congrats on your interview!
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    I will be going for my Nurse Residency job interview next week, any advice on what might help me better prepare for the interview. I really want this job.

    Its a pediatric residency. Anybody have any web site or interview likely question for a nurse.

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