How does a new RN get into pediatrics

  1. 0 I am very interested in getting into peds. I worked as an LPN for 13 years in geriatrics and adult care both acute and sub acute care. Though it's been a terrible time with my job searching, I still dream of getting into peds. I hope I don't end up of giving up my dream of working as an RN since I've been looking for work for 2 years now. All the pediatric positions I do find open want someone who has years of experience in peds. How do you get that experience if you can't get in?
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    Hello. Glad you are interested in pediatric nursing work. You are correct that some employers prefer nurses who have had pediatric experience. You can, however, "slant" your application to play up any other pediatric care experience (special cases you may have had in college, baby sitting, day care work, volunteer work with kids)

    Here are some ideas for your job search: (1) ---have you checked options for working in a newborn nursery unit and later transferring to peds? (2) ---have you considered applying at an all children's hospital in another city?; (3)--what about pediatricians' offices or public health clinics? (4)--how about school nurse openings? Best wishes!
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    Just want to add another option, family practice. Plenty of pedi/adolescent
    and young adult care. Plus, you have geriatrics which is also a plus for family practice. After a year at an fp office you can switch to any of the options in the above post -school nursing, pedi, and children's hospital.

    Good luck!!!
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    Do FP hire RN's, most of the Dr's offices I see hiring want MA's or LPN's. I'm researching school nurse jobs in my area as well. I've also applied to newborn nursery positions, still nothing yet....but I'll keep applying.
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    Hi. Good for you that you are "casting a wide net" in your job searching! Have you checked out home health care agencies for pediatric nursing openings? Regarding your question about FP clinics hiring RN's, the answer is that some do and some do not. Have you asked any family practice doctors at the facility where you work about job openings? Have you considered doing some volunteer work at a pediatric facility such as a school for special needs kids which you can then place on your resume as "pediatric experience"? Best wishes!
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    Quote from WildcatFanRN
    Do FP hire RN's, most of the Dr's offices I see hiring want MA's or LPN's. yet....but .
    In our area some still do, and they have an NP and a second MD. The RN of course has a different
    focus than the NP.
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    I worked for 3 yrs as a pediatric medical asst in a large and well-known practice in AZ. I'm a RN student now. You are correct - very few private peds offices hire RNs. When I started, there were 2 RNs who ocassionally roomed Pts and mostly worked as supervisors to about 10 med assts. Those RNs (who were with the practice for many years) were "phased out" when a new human resource person started. With the economy being what it is, most practices will not pay for an RN.

    Good luck with your search - working with kids is great!
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    In the process of re-doing my resume for the umpteenth time LOL. I'm trying to highlight more of my streghths and the fact that I did take care of peds as an LPN briefly as well as a very good 120 hour practicum in a peds ER.

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