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Hola! I'm a new member and I've read A LOT of nursing threads that make me double think this career. Why does it seem like everyone hates nursing? :confused: I'm assuming it's universal b/c my friend hates her job as a nurse... Read More

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    In a female-dominated field you are almost guaranteed to experience some kind of .... crankiness. We are emotional beings and we tend to vocalize our thoughts moreso than the majority of men. Of course I'm generalizing, but when we have a problem with something, even if it is a small one, we tend to voice it to one another. Unfortunately ruminating on the negative aspects of our jobs only makes it seem worse.

    I have experienced burn-out. Not from my job but everything that went with my job (management, politics, doctors, equipment, supplies, etc.). I have complained. I have tried jumping to other hospitals. I have considered changing departments. But the only thing that has worked is to adjust my own attitude. We contribute to your own happiness and if we choose to focus on how awful our job is then our job will be awful.

    Bottom line is, do not allow others and their negative opinions modify your goal/dream. You can still be happy with the field you you choose, even if others aren't. Sometimes trying a new hospital makes it easier, and sometimes it doesn't. One thing I've learned is that no matter where you work, whether a hospital or law firm, negativity exists there. Changing your career will not change that.

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