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first steps to nursing course

  1. 0 Hi I am starting a first steps to nursing course this week I have been told throughout the 12 weeks I will have to complete a project. A girl I know who has completed the course wants to pursue a career in mental health nursing so her project was on the methadone project. I am hoping to become a paediatric nurse so must find a subject relevant to this if anyone has any ideas for me they would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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    What kind of project informative or research based project? The first things that come to mind include pain management in children and infants, hydrocephalus, congenital cardiac repairs, asthma, epilepsy diagnostics and treatment. Any body system you can think of has something different in pediatrics. PM me if you have specific questions.
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    Thanks for your suggestions they have been some great food for thought I have my first class tomorrow when we will find out exactly what we have to do so if I need anymore help I will pm you thank you again!
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    I attended my first class tonight and basically we have to choose a health topic and we will be given tasks each week for example fine a newspaper article relevant to this and write a short essay on it then next week we will have to find a nursing journal article and compare it to the newspaper article towards the end of the course we will have to present a presentation on our chosen subject
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    Immunization trends are always a great research project to do while in the beginning of nursing school.

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