Advice on Volunteering for Pediatric Nursing

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    i am interested in becoming a pediatric nurse and i heard it was good to volunteer with kids. However, there is no nearby children's hospital for me to volunteer at. Close by is a John Muir which i am about to be begin volunteering at however, the list of volunteer opportunities they gave me to choose from doesn't really have any that specifically deals with children. Listed below is the list of services they gave me. Which should i choose?
    "Administrative Support
    Cancer Center Library
    CVI Surgery/Pre-op
    Emergency Services
    GI Lab
    Gift Shop
    Grief support
    Home knitting
    Home sewing
    Infection Prevention
    Lobby Desk
    Medical staff services
    Mended heart visitors
    Patient Services
    Pet Therapy
    Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    Short Stay Unit
    Special Projects
    Spiritual Care
    Student Volunteers
    Surgery Desk
    "TLC"- Magazine and Book Cart
    Urgent Care/JMMG
    Volunteer Dispatch
    Volunteer Services
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    For me, I would choose emergency services since pretty much all ages are seen there , including peds. If you are in the Concord/Walnut Creek area, then I would suggest volunteering for Bay Area Crisis Nursery in Concord, but only if you have the spare time .
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    Thank You for the advice I will definitely look into that!
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    "Volunteering with kids" doesn't have to mean in a hospital setting. Or even a health care setting. You can learn the intricacies of interacting with kids at a nursery school, a boys-and-girls club (Scouts?), an organized sport (soccer, softball, hockey, whatever) or even at a library.
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    Ok, i wasn't sure if i had to volunteer specifically in a medical setting because i want to be a nurse or just volunteering in general looks good. Thank you
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    There are plenty of camps for children with various illnesses across the country... when I was in college, I volunteered at programs for children with epilepsy, HIV, cancer and organ transplants. Summer's over now but look into those sorts of things for next summer. Also, places like the Ronald McDonald House staff themselves primarily with volunteers.

    Check out Home to find a children's oncology camp near you. Some of them have off-season programs.

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