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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to get some advice about Pediatric Nursing. I am currently enrolled at LoneStar college Willowchase here in Houston and I am wanting to go into either Pediatric Oncology or Neonatal. What I am wanting to find out is what are the best programs/schools, do you need a bachelors degree, and how do you break into pediatrics? I have read about the certifications, but I was curious to find out if you need to have a bachelors or just hands on experience working in pediatrics in order to become certified for either oncology or NICU? I was originally very interested in the pediatric oncology field, but the more I think about it I may actually want to go into Neonatal.
    If I go with a bachelors program I am thinking about the University of Texas Houston for their bachelors of nursing and I am very interested in the masters program at Penn State. Any suggestions on masters programs? Are masters more for somone that is looking to go into the admistration end of the field, or is it suggested for someone that is wanting to know more about the field?

    Thanks so much for your time! :spin:

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  3. by   GenieSofia
    I'm sure you were able to get your questions answered as this post is almost 2 years old. But usually a student nurse externship in Pediatrics would make you a more marketable candidate for a nursing position.
  4. by   OpheliasWings
    Hi Penny, Thank you very much for your reply. I got an auto response today saying you had replied to this post. Actually I never recieved much information from anyone other than doing research on my own. Over 2 years later I'm still trudging away, though I'm almost done with my pre reqs. Since then my family and I have moved towards the Lake Livingston area north of Houston, so it's really put a damper on trying to choose a university to attend. I currently have an hour drive each way just to get to Lone Star, so I've been a bit turned off about trying to apply to the schools downtown.
    I have looked into several of the nursing internships offered at the pediatric hospitals here in Texas and I've also seen that MD Anderson offers a nursing summer externship program for students nurses which would be really nice especially since I'm interested in pediatrics.
    What area of nursing do you work in?

    Thanks again for your post!

    Take Care,
  5. by   GenieSofia
    Your welcome Sonseria. I currently work on a Pediatric Surgical Trauma Unit. I worked as a nurse extern on a pediatric unit before I became an RN. I honestly felt as though my experience there helped to land me into the position that I am in now. Continue looking into nurse internship programs if you can. However, from what I gather, your trying to focus more on a nursing school closer to home?

    Good luck with everything and don't give up on working in Peds, it will come! Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to PM me as well.
  6. by   goodoldroxie
    Has anyone here successfully transitioned from adult care (rehab) to pediatrics? What did it take? What types of companies were willing to train you? I am looking into it and would certainly appreciate any advice from seasoned peds nurses, particularly in home care? Thanks.
  7. by   NurseNatashaRN
    I too have an affinity to the pediatric nursing field. Watching a child smile along with their parent(s) keeps my heart pumping. I love pediatrics.
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  8. by   beccaleighsmi

    I transferred from Adult Detox Rehab/ Med Surg into pediatrics, and the transition was beautiful. It took some getting used to- adjusting to the smaller dosages of medication and the bedside manner, but it was worth it. Pediatric Nursing is a totally different dynamic- In a good way. Just wanted to let you know that yes- it can be done! I work at a hospital. Anyone will train you- you just have to be willing to make the transition!
  9. by   RnBound0510
    This post gives me hope! I am currently working on at an acute rehab/med-surg floor (adults) and applied to a peds IMU position and have an interview on monday! Super nervous...if I get the job it will be A DREAM come true! Awesome job for those who transitioned over to peds after adults. I hear it can get tough!
  10. by   OpheliasWings
    Hi Penny, thanks so much for your reply back in July. So sorry for the long delay, I've been incredibly busy with school this semester. I'm taking 14 hours this semester trying to finish out some of my pre reqs to start applying next year. If I can manage to get through my Chemistry course I'm just going to have to apply everywhere I can to try to get in. I'm interested in applying to A & M, UT Houston, and TWU. Sam Houston also has a bachelors program which is the closest but they won't be fully accredited till next year. I would prefer the much shorter drive, I'm just concerned with the current limited accreditation.

    I'm really preferring to get into the bachelors program that way I have a better shot at getting into an internship program. I'm praying I'll be able to get directly into pediatrics from the get go. So my Plan is to start voluteering at the children's hospital then take your advice and try to get a pediatric externship while I am in nursing school.

    That's great to hear that some of you have been able to transition into pediatrics. i
    It's my dream job so I hope I'm as lucky as some of you.

    Best of luck with the interview!

    Take care,