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Does anyone know where I can get good child friendly information (pamphlets, books, handouts) for young girls on puberty and menstruation? I especially am looking for something for girls with precocious puberty (7-8-9 year olds).... Read More

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    Quote from Nascar nurse
    I gave my daughter this book too. She refused to read it or discuss it with me but I insisted she keep it in her room. She would later bring up at bit information randomly out of no where and when questioned about it, she would tell me "well it was in that gross book you gave me". I was happy that it became quite obvious she was reading it and was also willing to bring things up it small bits and pieces. I'm sure over time we actually discussed nearly every topic in the book but it had to be on her schedule.
    How old was she when you gave her this book? My daughter is ten years old and started to get breast about a year ago. I know that I begin my period when I was about 10 or 11 and since she started getting breasts at the same age as mine, I wonder if she will get her period at the same time too. I have talked to her about it and explained it to her so she isnt shocked when it happens, and even showed her how to use a pad. But I would like to give her something to read as well, that she can come back and ask any questions if she needs to.

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    She's 18 now....hard to remember for sure, but had to have been when she was 9 or 10. She started her period at 10 1/2 so it's always best not to delay the discussion too long. It's funny for me now to look back and remember how she was soooo disgusted with me and my information.
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    I am totally understand your situation, while i am also appreciate your spirit.

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