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  1. Looking for educational materials for your Asian language-speaking patients? Check out SPIRAL (Select Patient Information Resources in Asian Languages):

    Health information is available in the following languages: Cambodian/Khmer, Chinese, English, Hmong, Korean, Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese. Medications and medication safety are two of the topics covered. All materials are free to copy, distribute, and display for nonprofit purposes.
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    here is a website i found recently that has patient teaching materials on it. the link is to an index page. - an index that links you into up to date patient education materials on a large variety of medical topics that is a joint project of a group of medical professional organizations. you can also get some professional level information here as well.

    of course, remember to always check to see what medline plus has on it as it is a great source of patient information.

    this link is to a patient education document that explains what goes on in the intensive care units in laymans language. - a primer on critical care for patients and their families from the american thoracic society. there is a wealth of information here the includes discussions of the purpose of the intensive care unit, common illnesses of patients in the intensive care units, icu devices and procedures (foleys, stomach tubes, arterial catheters, central venous catheters, right heart catheterization, mechanical ventilation, weaning from the ventilator, tracheostomy, lumbar puncture, paracentesis, thoracentesis, chest tubes, bronchoscopy and hemodialysis), making decisions about the end of life, living wills, medical futility, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments, commonly asked questions, a guideline to advanced directives
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    great patient teaching resources from healthology:

    for instance, this healthology link is complete with videos and discussion of multiple diabetes-related conditions in layman terms:

    and two other wonderful resources (compliments of gauge14iv):
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    children's hospital medical center of cincinnati

    children's hospital medical center of cincinnati web site provides information on patient education programs, which includes diseases, conditions and surgeries, diagnostic tests, health information, procedures for home care, medications, and others. information on seat belts and airbags, bike helmet program, and library resources are listed.

    pediatric health library from the university of utah

    variety of topics. the site is primarily written for patient information.
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    diabetes educational literature - in both english and spanish. multiple topics pertaining to diabetes. excellent quality and free!

    bd diabetes > learning center > managing diabetes with insulin > educational literature
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    low-literacy pamphlets in spanish/ english

    ideally, patient teaching materials should be written on a 5th-grade reading level with lots of pictures. otherwise, many patients will simply not grasp the content.

    quick information for your health - from the food and drug administration: a rich variety of patient teaching topics.
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    hundreds of subjects! a goldmine of information from vanderbilt medical center:

    patient teaching and home care instruction sheets

    patient/family education at vumc

    another goldmine from upmc:

    upmc patient education materials

    patients and others who visit upmc facilities can learn about health-related topics by reading
    printed information prepared by upmc. this page gives you online access to the same patient education materials that those who visit upmc receive. each printed piece is presented here
    in pdf format which means each page will appear on your screen as it appears in the printed sheet or brochure.

    upmc patient education materials, upmc | university of pittsburgh medical center, pittsburgh, pa, usa
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    selected patient education resources

    agency for health research and quality (ahrq) publications
    2101 e. jefferson st., suite 501
    rockville, md 20852
    (301) 594-1364

    alcoholics anonymous world services
    p.o. box 459
    grand central station
    new york, n.y. 10163

    alzheimer's association
    919 n. michigan ave., suite 1100
    chicago, il 60611
    (800) 272-3900

    american academy of ophthalmology
    eye net
    p.o. box 7424
    san francisco, ca 94120-7424

    american brain tumor association
    2720 river road
    des plaines, il 60018
    (847) 827-9918
    (800) 886-2282

    american cancer society
    1599 clifton road, ne
    atlanta, ga 30329
    (404) 320-3333
    (800) acs-2345

    american diabetes association
    1701 n. beauregard st.
    alexandria, va 22311
    (800) 372-2383

    american heart association
    7272 greenville ave.
    dallas, tx 75231
    (800) aha-usa1

    american liver foundation
    1425 pompton ave.
    cedar grove, nj 07009
    (800) go-liver (465-4837)

    american lung association
    1790 broadway
    new york, ny 10019-4374
    (212) 315-8700
    (800) lung-usa

    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als) association
    27001 agoura road, suite 150
    calabasas hills, ca 91301-5104
    (818) 880-9007

    arthritis foundation
    1330 w. peachtree st.
    atlanta, ga 30309
    (404) 872-7100
    (800) 283-7800 (patient information)

    brain injury association
    105 n. alfred st.
    alexandria, va 22314
    (800) 444-6443

    crohn's and colitis foundation of america inc.
    386 park ave. south, 17th floor
    new york, ny 10016-8804
    (800) 932-2423

    cystic fibrosis foundation
    6931 arlington road, suite 200
    bethesda, md 20814
    (301) 951-4422
    (800) fight cf (344-4823)

    epilepsy foundation of america
    4351 garden city drive
    landover, md 20785
    (800) 332-1000

    glaucoma foundation
    116 john st., suite 1605
    new york, ny 10038
    (800) glaucoma(452-8266)

    leukemia and lymphoma society
    1311 mamaroneck ave.
    white plains, ny 10605
    (914) 949-5213
    (800) 955-4572

    lupus foundation of america inc.
    1300 piccard drive, suite 200
    rockville, md 20850-4303
    (301) 670-9292

    multiple sclerosis association of america
    706 haddonfield road
    cherry hill, nj 08002
    (800) 532-7667

    muscular dystrophy association
    3300 e. sunrise dr.
    tucson, az 85718-3208
    (800) 532-7667

    myasthenia gravis foundation of america
    5841 cedar lake rd., suite 204
    minneapolis, mn 55416
    (800) 541-5454

    national association of people with aids
    1413 k st. nw, 7th floor
    washington, dc 20005
    (202) 898-0414

    national cancer institute
    nci public inquiries office
    suite 3036a
    6166 executive blvd. msc 8322
    bethesda, md 20892-8322
    (800) 4-cancer

    national council on alcoholism and drug dependency
    20 exchange place, suite 2902
    new york, ny 20005

    national hemophilia foundation
    116 w. 32nd st., 11th floor
    new york, ny 10001
    (212) 328-3700
    (800) 42-handi (spanish available)

    national institute of allergy and infectious diseases
    building 31, room 7a50
    31 central drive, msc 2520
    bethesda, md 20892-2520

    national institute of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases information
    national institutes of health
    1 ams circle
    bethesda, ma 20892-3675
    (301) 496-4484

    national institute of neurological disorders and stroke
    nih neurological institute
    p.o. box 5801
    bethesda, md 20824
    (301) 496-5751
    (800) 352-9424

    national kidney foundation
    30e. 33rd st., suite 1100
    new york, ny 10016
    (212) 889-2210
    (800) 622-9010

    national multiple sclerosis society
    733 third ave.
    new york, ny 10017
    (212) 986-3240
    (800) fight-ms (344-4867)

    national osteoporosis foundation
    1232 22nd st. nw
    washington, dc 20037-1292
    (202) 233-2226

    national parkinson foundation inc.
    1501 n.w. 9th ave.
    miami, fl 33136
    (800) 327-4545

    national stroke association
    9707 e. easter lane
    englewood, co 80112
    (303) 649-9299
    (800) strokes

    osteoporosis and related bone diseases national resource center
    national institute of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases
    1233 22nd st. nw
    washington, dc 20037-1292
    (202) 233-0344
    (800) 624-bone

    paralyzed veterans of america
    801 18th st. nw
    washington, d.c., 20006-3517
    (800) 424-8200

    parkinson disease foundation
    710 w. 168th st.
    new york, ny 10032-9982
    (800) 457-6676

    united ostomy association inc.
    19772 mac arthur blvd., suite 200
    irvine, ca 92612-2405
    (949) 660-8624
    (800) 826-0826

    nurseweek: education
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    measurement tools in patient education

    a ready-reference describing 89 measurement instruments. the author presents the information with the depth of a researcher and the practicality of a program planner. presentation of "validity/reliability" is clear and useful. this book will assist nurses and other health care providers to measure the outcomes from their own practice; help to improve and justify it.

    no time to teach: a nurse's guide to patient and family education

    even though patient education is a priority for jcaho, nurses slip into thinking that there is no time to teach. fran london's book addresses patient teaching not as a task but as part of the essence of nursing. this insightful, practical text is written to provide guidance in educating patients of all ages and their families in a variety of health care settings. this book applies the latest research on effective teaching and its impact on nurse-patient interaction.
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    noah provides access to high quality full-text consumer health
    information in english and spanish that is accurate, timely, relevant and unbiased .

    a wealth of patient handouts available.

    welcome to noah homepage

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