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  1. My facility is currently using this vendor to supply their patient education videos. I haven't been able to preview them but many people in my organization think they are really great. Has anyone had any experience with this vendor and could you provide your professional opinion on the quality of the content for patient education purposes? How is the literacy level, etc?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   medical_man
    You may also find many of these videos of interest. Many of the videos are very well produced and offer information on a variety of medical topics. Our clinc provides many of these videos through a "lending library". If you are looking for any other video on a specific topic and you are having trouble locating it, drop me an instant message. We have had terrific luck in obtaining video from Japan and Germany that is dubbed or subtitled.

    Re: Milner-Fenwick videos:

    They also provide a web based host service that allows you to stream the video into various offices through your computer network. It's very popular on the stock market as well!

    Many great medical publication links:
    Many of these feature newer DVD videos that cover a broad spectrum of medical issues and organizations. The selction is slim but you'll find that many patients bore easily during a 3 hour video viewing about thier care, treatment, diagnosis, etc.
    I have found very well produced DVD's on Respiratory Therapy and Rehab.
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