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Please move this post if I have posted in the wrong forum. I am not an RN, I am a patient, a very frequent patient... I have been in the hospital about 7 times this year for Pneumonia, one was MRSA-type they said, and the... Read More

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    Wheels, I agree with the above posts. I work in the ER and see a lot of folks over and over. Some really need to be here and I am happy these people know they can rely on us to help them. As for having and "Ativan push already ordered"...it sound like these nurses know and understand your anxiety at having to come in and are anticipating your needs. The nurses I know (even the ER nurses...LOL) have soft and caring hearts for their patients.
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    Dear Wheels: I understand your concern, but fear not!!! You are not a burden.... We have many frequent flyers...and you cannot help but establish a relationship!!! Like some others have said, we often feel, when you must return, that we have failed! Our training is aimed at wellness, and healing! When someone has a chronic condition, it is hard... you become attached, and that can be dangerous...! You cannot be objective in care, and sometimes leads to not doing the right thing...you can care to much...! It also endangers our hearts, which, believe it or not, do get broken.... so do not fear...it is love, that you are seeing... because lets face it... if you had your choice, you would not be at the hospital!!! Talk with someone, social services, or a teaching nurse, or someone on staff you trust.... get your feelings out in the open...so you all can deal with them, and give you the most quality you can have!!! Be well!!!
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    I can't add much to what's already been said, only to tell you that folks like you are some of my very favorite patients!!

    Hang in there, and know that no nurse worth her/his license is going to judge or condemn you because you're sick and in need of help. That's why we are here....it's also why we have jobs.

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