Help with a Slogan for Womens Health Event, Please!

  1. I am in the beginning stages of preparing a women's health education event, and I need a catchy, fun slogan. Does anyone have any ideas of something fun? Maybe you have seen something interesting in your community?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   BKCinNOLA
    Slogans are hard! But here are a few I could think of or tweak from google searches

    Better education, better health

    Educate your mind, Educate your body

    Healthy mind, healthy body

    (Insert disease here) doesn't care what you wear!

    She who has education has health; she who has health has hope; and she who has hope has everything.

    Every woman is the author of her own health or disease
  4. by   BetterSafe
    Hi "GetBehindTheBarn",
    How's this project going for you? Have you settled on a slogan yet?
    I'd like to know more about the type of function you are it a public health fair, is it something you're doing as part of your job through your hospital, who is the target audience, what are your goals, etc..?
    I bet the goal of the project might have some inherent quality that will turn nicely into a catchy slogan.
    I'm a student graduating in September, and my loves are women's health (I'm doing my preceptorship in OB) and health education/prevention, with plans to go on to become a CNM, so I'm truly interested in what you are doing. If you could use some volunteer assistance with this project, please consider me! Just let me know a little more about your direction and goals, timing/time line, and where you could use a hand from a student. I think I'd enjoy helping out, (not to mention, it might look really good on a resume').
    Lemme' know!
    (Oh - are you in the Phoenix area? I guess I was assuming that.)