working and doing pre-reqs for nursing...

  1. I have told my director that i am starting my nursing classes for BSN. And i now only work fri, sat, and sunday nights 12 hour shifts. Alot of nurses tell me that it will be hard and impossible to work and go to nursing school. But i really dont have a choice but to do both, because im already working in a hospital, and i have only been there for almost two months and i want to finish working there for at least a year because it will look good on my resume, PLUS my husband doesnt currently work so us being a family of 4 on one income is already hard. But once my husband finds employment i dont want all the burden to be left on him. So, I wanted to know how and is it possible to do both at the same time.
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  3. by   k_girl153
    I didn't do it but a few of my classmates did. They complained a lot about no time to study and lack of sleep but they made it through the first year.

    Depending on your school rules and when ur clinical days are, you may not be able to work Sunday nights if you have clinicals Monday mornings. We are not allowed to work the night shift preceding a clinical day.

    Good luck!
  4. by   nqgrl09
    I am currently doing this as we type lol I work fri-sun nights 7p-7:30 a and then I'm off to school Monday morning it is hard but I know the benefits I will gain in the end ! during the week I study my butt off and I wake up an hour or 2 before my on the weekends and then study some more it can be done. I have managed to keep a high B low A average during my first term for school. I balance work school and being a mom You can do it!!
  5. by   Swellz
    My first semester I worked full-time, and it was really hard, but doable. I know others who absolutely have to work and they get through it. It just sucks with scheduling. I know too many students who had to work overnights before or after classes and I just can't imagine having to do that.