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I plan to work as a PCA while competing my pre-nursing classes. What is the average starting wage for PCAs in your area? Anybody know what the average pay in NJ is? Thank you!... Read More

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    $10.45 for Home Health and around $13.00+ for Hospital-based

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    Quote from besaangel
    $10.45 for Home Health and around $13.00+ for Hospital-based
    This is in Delaware
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    I'm a little disappointed, I have read so many decent well-paid PCT's on here but here in New York I just started my CNA 4 day internship and I was lucky enough to land on a floor where the nurses were very helpful and we got to talk a lot about the field. Before I left for home I was able to ask one of the CNA's more about the job because I wanted an idea of what the pay was like (since I was able to see and experience how tough being a CNA can be).

    She told me "You start off with $8/hr maybe $9 and if you're lucky maybe even $10". I told her I did the ekg and phlebotomy which will mean I'd be a PCT. Her response was the same, told me that without any experience being a PCT doesn't matter, I'd get paid the same.

    I had been researching online for a good while now and I was sure that $12/hr would be the least to start off with as a PCT in NY.

    I am attending the Jewish Home Hospital in the Bronx. So maybe this was just this CNA's experience according to the location.

    All I have to say is that with just one day of hands on "practice" I was able to experience that it's a tough job at times, $8/hr in NYC doesn't make up for the hard work.
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    Wow. Hospital in WV and mine is 8.10 with .90 differential.
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    I just posted mine and hadn't seen yours yet Mine is low, because cost of living, etc. is lower where I live. That seems awfully short-changed in NY. I hope things work out for you, and hopefully with experience you will find a position with better pay.
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    I'm in Jacksonville, Florida and make $12.40 an hour plus my 15% shift differential (I work 7p-7a) so comes out to $14.26. I was offered a job at Mayo Clinic, but the pay is significantly less there then at my current hospital. I believe they told be starting was 11.99.
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    In Connecticut anywhere between $9 and $15 an hour.
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    Wow, I'm PRN and make $12/hour plus up to 1.25 differential, in Northwest Florida.
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    Wow after 8 1/2 yrs I'm only at $12.72.
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    Where I work at I am known as a Patient Service Associate and our job is a union job. The first three months at my particular hospital is $14.12 then once you pass the probation period (God willing you do) then you are tapped out at $14.82.

    Now the other people in my class get paid on average $16.00 or more because they work at night and at bigger hospitals

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