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I'm a CNA in southwest Florida. I've applied to three different hospitals in my area and at least 7 different PCA positions between these hospitals. I've only applied a week ago, but I'm wondering if... Read More

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    You know maybe that's a good question for the boards. What I can say about my experience as a CNA maybe really different than what you experience. One thing is I am in Phoenix, AZ and our retirement community keeps us working. When I was a CNA I applied for jobs in my scrubs and went to interviews in them, too. As an LPN, though, I won't. I did at first but I didn't get the first job I applied for at a school and at my next interview I wore interview clothes and got that job. I interviewed at CIGNA and was offered a position and at that point I was always wearing interview clothes. At this point all the nurses I speak to say not to wear scrubs. So maybe there's a difference. All I can say is when I was a CNA, my fat behind could've interviewed in a sheer leotard and I still would've gotten hired. I never didn't get the job, but I never applied to a hospital.

    So is there anyone who responded have any advice in that area? I just think wow, there are people out there that don't hire nurses because they are dressed in professional interview clothes?

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    For the interview is scrubs issue: What if you just come off of a shift and have an interview? Do you change into dress clothes in the car or bathroom or is it acceptable to apologize for you appearance and explain you just got off of work?
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    I started looking around in the Careers forum. They have a Nursing Interview Help thread.
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    I'm going to wear a black, knee-length skirt, black shoes, a gray and black coat and a green tank underneath. I have my interview tomorrow. Greatest strength: Dedication. Greatest weakness: I work too hard (seriously I threw my back out once). I'll tell you guys how it goes. I'm surprised that I got an interview that quickly!
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    Well, I bombed my interview. I am still embarrassed an entire day later. Oh and apparently my CPR wasn't good enough. It was BLS CPR for Healthcare Providers, but it wasn't through American Red Cross or American Heart Association. I wish they would have listed the type of CPR they wanted on the job requirements. I wouldn't have applied if I didn't meet the qualifications. I'm taking the CPR Recert skills test on the 20th. The interview started off with the Head Nurse wanting to see my CPR and CNA license, so I knew 2 minutes in that I didn't have the job and that just threw me right off.

    I think next time I'll do scrubs if the facility doesn't have a problem with it, I felt so out of place!
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    I'm sorry. Most facilities are looking for AHA CPR nowadays. My nursing school made me get recertified right away since I didn't have the "right" CPR. Better luck next time.
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    Quote from PCTtoRN
    I'm sorry. Most facilities are looking for AHA CPR nowadays. My nursing school made me get recertified right away since I didn't have the "right" CPR. Better luck next time.
    Thanks! At least now I know why I haven't been getting call backs!
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    Just to update...almost a month later, I finally got another interview with a hospital closer to me. I had an initial interview which I thought went poorly, but I got a call back for a second interview on the rehab unit and I finally got my hospital job! I'm so excited!
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    I feel the same way. I'm confused. I'm a nursing student with a gpa of 3.875, I volunteer and am active in the community. I can't even seem to land an interview, however, other students who have less involvement and lower gpa's get the interview. This is sucking, because I had the opportunity to graduate a semeter early by taking summer classes and I choose not to so that I could get nursing experience. I am sitting for my CNA exam next week, maybe that will open some doors? Who knows, I'm bummed right now. Also, when I found out that one of the positions that I have applied for was filled, I sent a little note to the recruiter asking what they were looking for in an applicant, since I didn't even qualify for an interview. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I think once you're certified, it'll be a lot easier to find work. Most of the jobs probably require the certification. There are some employers that actually don't like the student thing! A lot of employers I taked to said they didn't want to deal with working around my school schedule or being too busy or tired to focus on work.
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