Salary for PCT in Dialysis (e.g., at Davita)?

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    Hello! I'm currently trying to get my CNA certification and will be done in a few weeks. I have no healthcare experience and wanted to look into working for Davita or Frenesius in Southern California once I get my CNA. Two questions:

    1. What is the typical salary or hourly pay rate for either companies for a PCT?
    2. Should I wait to apply after I get my certification or apply now?


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    I worked at both a FMC and Davita dialysis. I live in the Myrtle Beach SC area. Davita does pay/start you off with more. It was like a $4 difference.They have preceptors that will train you, then after within 18 months you have to become certified, take a state certified test and make a 95% or higher. I loved my job as a PCT. I have now applied to a ADN program. Basically both are the same but some of the policies and procedures are different. I started with no experience. I have been in Dialysis for 6 years now. Good luck!
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    Would it be around $15 dollars an hour or less than that? Thanks!
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    Would it be around $15 dollars an hour or less than that? Thanks!
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    You live in CA so you would probally will get that dollar amount. Personally I like Fresenius better but davita pays better and has better raises and employee incenitives like getting quarterly bonuses ranging from a few hundreds of dollars( yes PCT's gets a bonus too).
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