Quitting a job dilemma

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    In July, I started working as a nursing assistant at a nursing home near my hometown over the summer. Meanwhile, in August, I got another job near my college where I am going to nursing school. They put me down as PRN at the nursing home, and thought I may be able to work some weekend shifts. Unfortunately, between school and this new job, I am not able to make it to my hometown to work there as often as I thought I would. I would like to put my 2 weeks notice in at the nursing home, the problem is that it's 2 hours away from my apartment at college, and the only time I am able to get there is on the weekends when my supervisor doesn't get there. Do I call and put in my two weeks notice? And should I put them on my resume? Although I have been prn for a few months, I onlt really worked there part time for a month. Also, the nursing supervisor that hired me has suddenly left due to the nursing home being sold to anohter company. They plan on tearing this nursing home down because of some storm damage and combining it with another nursing home in a new building. So a new nursing supervisor has taken over whom I haven't met. I'm confused...how do I quit and what do I write on my resume, if anything at all??
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Call the supervisor on Friday, before working the weekend, and tell them you will be leaving and that you'll bring in your letter of resignation on the weekend. And why WOULDN'T you put it on your resume?
  4. by   Brittany2206
    Well I only really worked there for a month. Once they put me as prn, I moved back to school and have only been able to pick up 2 weekend shifts since. Just don't know if it's worth writing on my resume? And will a 3 month short term job look bad?
  5. by   CrunchRN
    I would not put it on your resume. Not enough to really count for anything and then you would have to explain why you left and blah, blah, blah.