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    I can not seem to find a PCT program at any of the community or technical colleges in my area. I am planning on becoming a CNA then a LPN but if I don't get to start a LPN program for a year because of waitlists I would consider going to school to become a PCT. The only problem is I can 't find any information on any in my area. Whenever I google the phrase I only find job offerings and lots of them! What schools in the Seattle area offer PCT programs?

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    So from lurking on this forum I think I've answered my own question. Once I complete my CNA course try to get my foot in the door at a hospital where they'll provide on the job training in ECG and Phlebotomy. Correct?
    Would an online program like http://www.alliedhealthinstitute.edu...re_technician/ be a waste of time? Or would it make me more hierable once completing my CNA?
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    I am having the same problem!! Im about to move to the Seattle area and cannot find anything for PCTs at any schools but see jobs for them. I plan on starting my CNA when I get there... sooo I guess we get on the job training?? Have you heard anything else?
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    You are saying PCT Programs, I have never seen a PCT Program, are you looking for CNA Programs? I'm in Chicago suburbs, a PCT here is simply a CNA given a different title. PCT hospital, CNA Nursing home. All are CNA's.



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    In Wisconsin PCTs are CNAs that are trained on the job to do phlebotomy and EKGs.
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    In Savannah my technical college offers a PCT program. It is the same as the CNA program with 1-2 class additions. So using this as an example CNA program is a good place to start. I guess not all of the colleges offer a seperate program.

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