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:yawn: I am so tired of the same story over and over again! I am currently waiting to hear if I got accepted to nursing school for Spring 2012. However, a year ago, I got my CNA certification, EKG,... Read More

  1. by   chcltrose
    I have been having a hard time finding a job here too. I live in New Jersey. I am a PCT and I have been on several interviews. One really wanted to hire me but she had already hired the last person that department needed, the rest didn't hire me because I lack experience. I don't have a CNA certificate. I am not interested in going to more school. I was lead to believe that if I went through with this program that I would have a job at the completion. Now I didn't pay for my schooling, I was lucky enough to have received a grant. But All I want is a job using what I was trained for. I feel like this has just been a big waste of time and money..