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:yawn: I am so tired of the same story over and over again! I am currently waiting to hear if I got accepted to nursing school for Spring 2012. However, a year ago, I got my CNA certification, EKG, PCT, and Phlebotomy... Read More

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    Quote from angelxeternity
    Finding a job after getting your RN is next to impossible too! There are tons of threads on here about how new grads can't find positions anywhere...not even in nursing homes and assisted living. Its pretty much been like this since the economy dived in 2008. I currently work in a hospital as a unit secretary and 3 of our PCAs have their RN and have not been able to land a position, not even in the same hospital! One of them graduated 2 years ago. Typically, it takes a new grad about 6 months (best case senario) to 2 years (worst case) to find a job. I'm in nursing school now and praying the job market improves in the next 2 years o_o
    I wonder if we're still allowed to work as techs after we get our RN. I don't want to quit and lose all my pto & such bc I can't move up in my career lol

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    Quote from Pneumothorax
    I wonder if we're still allowed to work as techs after we get our RN. I don't want to quit and lose all my pto & such bc I can't move up in my career lol
    The hospital I work at allows techs to keep their position even after attaining their RN. The catch is that you have to be already in your position. If somebody who doesn't currently work there applies for a tech position and has their RN, they are ineligible for hire. It all depends on the facility you work at.
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    Ya I'm already working as a tech. Super duper. I'm gonna ask some techs who took their nclex / have their RN. Thanks
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    Be patient and keep applying you will get a job. I just got hired with no medical experience as a pca at a good hospital and they will provide me with training and I thought i would never get a hospital job. Just be motivated and dont give up you will get your opportunity, I wish you the best of luck!
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    I'm an RN with an associate's. MUCH harder to find a hospital job with an associates compared to BSN. A friend I went to school with got hired at a great hospital as a student and worked as a tech. When she passed boards, they offered her an RN position. Since I didn't already work there, I had tons of rejected applications from them. Had tech experience, my references were awesome, GPA super, and I've never interviewed for a job I didn't get offered. But because I didn't have a BSN, HR never delved into my resume enough to even know any of these awesome points I had going on. And HR is doubtfully impressed by that I know a nurse who works there. It would be different is I knew a higher up! Super frustrating!!!

    So my friend talked to her Nurse manager of her floor. Told her all about me, and the trouble I'd been having. So manager tells my friend to have me email her. I send my resume, she likes it. So then she tells HR to set my application aside when it comes in, and emails multiple other nurse managers. All of a sudden it's like I know someone important! Got hired by a different floor who had open positions, and I've been there almost 8 months And I never even met my friend's manager!

    So my point is, if you know anyone who has a job somewhere you'd like to work, and know that person would be proud to have you represent them, have them talk to their boss! Find a way to make yourself seem like you know someone important, even if you just know someone who knows someone who knows someone!!!
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    Unless your state is like Oregon that makes a differetiation between CNA and PCT, you may want to try CNA work at a nursing home. It may not be the coolest, but gets something to put on a resume. A psych ward can also be considered. Those places do not always advertise and some folks may view them as "scary" because of the few rare psych horror stories of some tech getting beat down or raped but those stories are rare. Psych ward is a great job and you have less competion.

    That said, I was in a state that does not differentiate and when i worked agency. Have you ever tried an LTAC? Those places are lessr known, too. But.. they exclusively use PCTs and will take even CNAs. The accronym is Long Term Acute Care. For those with decent insurance, it is usually the last place before getting better or going to a nursing home.

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