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I'm a CNA just trying to do her job to the best of her abilities. This grumpy, overgrown, eating all the snacks on the unit PATIENT had the nerve to tell me "get the (blank) out of my room you flunkie, I want my nurse, don't come... Read More

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    Quote from tayloramaRN2be
    I work in a LTC and man I can tell you some stories. Last summer, I was very heavily pregnant, and my co-workers granddaughter was there, she was a few years younger than me, and quite skinnier than me, we were standing next to a table talking, and a resident with sundowners said to my friend "My you're such a pretty girl! And fit too!" then she looks at me, "Well, I cant say the same for you. You could lose a few pounds" I knew she was demented, but it still kind of hurt (prolly due to the raging pregnancy hormones).

    Don't let it get to you!
    Oh wow! lol. Guess I had it easy then. And thank you. Every month we switch who takes what side of patients so I don't have to work with him anymore!!! #GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!

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    Quote from FaithGurl93
    I'm a CNA just trying to do her job to the best of her abilities. This grumpy, overgrown, eating all the snacks on the unit PATIENT had the nerve to tell me "get the (blank) out of my room you flunkie, I want my nurse, don't come in here again!"
    I was gonna go GHETTO on him lbvvvvs lol. I've never heard such rudeness in my first month of working lol. I'm not even a flunkie that's what is really upsetting me that because I'm not a nurse I'm inadequate or extra. I'm actually preparing to take my boards for my LPN and possibly go on to get my RN...not sure yet.
    Just vent guys!!!!!
    Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?
    Honey.....I have been called plenty of things over the years not all of them complimentary and most of them quite colorful. Consider the source and move forward.

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    Im working on my BSN and work PRN as an aide. I have had my share of rude patients and family members. You never know what they have going on in their life. Sometimes the person who is the rudest (is that a word?) is the one who needs you the most. You just have to thicken up your hide so their barbs don't sting as much. I don't know if you are a person of faith, but I am. I believe that God sends us to those who need Him. And sometimes He is really sending them to us.

    On a side note, don't stop at your RN, get your Bachelors. Good luck to you!
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    I've never heard that word! I'm sorry you got called a derogatory name. It's tough when that happens...but you know in your heart and mind that you are none of the bad words you might hear. This person doesn't even know you, and you were just doing your job. It's on them. You did nothing wrong. Just ignore those awful words.
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    just don't react...that's what they want!!! I am glad patients can't hear what goes on in the!!!
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    Something like this happened to me the first day of my clinicals. My patient said you can leave I don't need you. I was very shocked at first. I had to go in the hall and regroup, I had to tell myself that this is not about me it's about him. He is sick and grouchy, he can no longer do things for himself so he's taking it out on me. By lunch time he had changed his attitude and was actually polite and nice to me. I assumed that he realized that he had hurt my feelings. Anyway I think you did the right thing, sometimes you just have to let them be.
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    It comes with the job. Don't let it get to you. I'm pretty sure that LAPD officers get called worse names for doing their job. Even presidents get called dirty names because people don't feel they are doing their jobs.

    Don't react back in a negative way, so you can keep your job. You should only be concerned about what your supervisors say about you in writing.
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    I definitely got called worse when I worked as a detention officer in the Bexar County jail. You will be surprised at what you can handle.
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    OMG girl please dont make me laugh at you, you said you was about to get ghetto on the man lmao i could not stop laughing at that you sound just like me smdh
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    Happened to me for the first time the other night. Said patient wanted washcloths to wash out his mouth. I offered him toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, glycerin sticks, ANYTHING. He looked at me and said "Are you stupid or deaf, I asked for washcloths" Brought him back a towel and washcloths and he was SO irritated that I brought him a towel. "What do you expect I do with this?"

    Some people think that PCA's are servants or people who aren't good enough to continue their education. When the fact is most of us are in the progress of getting out RN's.

    Just ignore and hope he's not a frequent flyer!

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