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  1. Hi! I have an interview at my local hospital for a Student Nurse position. I have never worked in a hospital before, but I am a senior in nursing school. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as of what kind of questions I should expect and be prepared for.

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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    For my nurse tech position, I had two interviews - one with HR, where they asked me some more generic questions (tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself in 5 years, why you want this position, what are your strengths/weaknesses (DO NOT SAY NONE!!!), what areas of nursing I was interested in, etc). The second interview (that same day) was with the hiring manager. She came down to the HR office and we both went up to the unit to her office. Her questions were more behavioral/situational, such as dealing with unhappy patients/family members or dealing with conflict in the work place.

    Good luck on your interview!
  4. by   aowings18
    I had one interview but with two separate people. I first interviewed with HR and they just asked the typical get to know you questions, explained the job, and talked about benefits and pay. Then I interviewed with the unit manager on the actual floor and she pretty much asked me why I chose that hospital, my school situation, and she just then explained the job to me in somewhat further detail.. And that was that, had the call back the next day and was offered the position
  5. by   gracecase
    Congratulations on a hospital interview. Most HR depts in big hospitals feel that CNA's need to "pay their dues" in nursing homes before getting on at a hospital.
    Just stress your desire to learn all you can and get your feet wet in your future career. My interview questions have mainly been more about my ability to get along with colleagues, deal with patient family crises, etc.