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    I'm planning on working as a PCT part time while I am in nursing school and was wondering what the average hourly wage is? I know that it won't be astronomical, but I'm trying to get a good idea of where to set my expectations and how much I might be able to earn part time to supplement my student loans. Please include how much experience you have as well since I will be a newbie and not make as much as you!

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  3. by   Charloth03
    I am a new unexperienced PCA which is the same as PCT. I am starting taking my pre-classes for nursing and also working on my CNA, so I thought it would be a good idea to start making as much experience as needed once I graduate from school. I got hired the same day I applied for the first healh care company I work at right now ( 1 week). I walked in the office and explained about my desire of becoming a RN and really wanted to start working with patients eventhough I have 0 experience. They are starting me at $10.86/hr, some places here in my town are starting at $8.00, $9.00 depending on your experience, I think i was lucky to get it for my first time, they will be helping me with my school schedule. My supervisor let me know, she heard really good comments about me from my patients, she encourages me that i will be a great nurse, i just hope i will.
  4. by   blackbird singing
    new, unexperienced, not in nursing school (soon to be) but have BS/BA.
    small, ohio, community hospital, med/surg $11.50/hr with $2.00 differential.
  5. by   Brandi81
    No experience, med- surge, $11.47 base in IL
  6. by   Sophie123
    No experience when I started: Although not quite the same
    Advocate for a group home-$10.50
    Home Health Aide-$11

    Since then I've gotten small raises. In St. Paul, MN
  7. by   Leafhouse
    It all depends on where you are located. I live in southern california and I got hired without any experience other than being a nursing student. I started at $16/hr with a $2 night differential.
  8. by   BCinRenton
    WA state: started in 2009 at $12/hr w/ $2 night differential and $1.25 weekend differential

    Now $15+, same differentials
  9. by   mamaxmaria
    I have been a PCT for 4years in a Union facility(they dont pay based on experience)... pay is $16 and I dont even know the differential because it's basically nothing...

    But I got a new PCT job I am starting soon(non union)... will be making base pay $16 but I'll be night shift and the differential is $1.75 so $17.75...and on the weekends it's a $3 differential so $19 on weekends....

    This is in NJ
  10. by   runna909
    ER tech, 3 years exp, $9.05 +1.50 weekend and $1.50 shift diff=$12.05. I'm in Tennessee, the worst or 2nd to worst paying state in the union for nurses (and PCAs, too, apparently!)
  11. by   Maggie_Mae
    PCT in Chicago area, started about 7 months ago with no experience. $12 plus $1.50 for evenings, $1.75 for weekends.