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What is a bath? When you say you "bathed" someone on your shift, what should I expect was done? I'm getting frustrated. Being a tech is frequently an icky job, but don't we have an obligation to... Read More

  1. by   nguyency77

    When I bathe someone, I REALLY bathe them whether or not I get sprayed/splashed/water in my shoes. I'm not the sort to leave wet poop stuck to somebody's butt.

    Shame on those techs. And we all wonder why CNA's get such a bad rap. -points- Because of those people.
  2. by   forbidden2know
    I don't think anybody, rather it be an RN, LPN nor CNA should have to adjust to being stretched so thin that patients suffer because of it, that's just wrong.
  3. by   ArrowRN
    Quote from Ellie S.
    If you cannot adjust to being stretched too thin, than nursing is not for you. No disrespect among aids, and this is not toward anybody directly on this post. Just if aids complain about the workload, they have to "figure it out" just like every LPN and RN has to do!
    Workload? these are people. Can 1 person realistically care for 15 bedridden patients? And I know some facilities where the CNA/PCA to patient ratio is even higher. That is just rediculous. Everything nowadays is about money and coorporate profits.
    For those in this field. How many of you would bring your elderly mom or dad or grandparents to stay and live at the facility you work at? be honest.
  4. by   rn2be73
    The nursing home i used to work at? not a chance in he**!!! the hospital i work at now? my mom had her knee replacement surgery there and will have the other done there as well