Fresenius Interview for 1st Time PCT Position

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    [color=#483d8b]i have an interview in about a week with fresenius for a patient care tech position. i have never worked as a pct before, any advice? what questions should i ask? what are things that i need to be aware of with the company or with dialysis procedures? in the meantime, i'll be researching dialysis, familiarizing myself with it. does anyone have experiences -good, bad, and ugly -that you can share? i'm just trying to get familiar with the roles and boundaries of a pct working in the [renal/dialysis] field. thank you much!
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    Good Luck!! I work with Fresenius now and they have the best training ever! Ask what is their tech to patient ratio, is there a differential on weekends, 10 or 12 hr shifts, and do they have tuition reimbursement and if so, do you get a raise for passing classes pertaining to nursing. I wish you well!
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    Thank you for the reply, but I was actually accepted into RN school, so I gave up on dialysis tech training. Maybe in the future I'll work for Fresenius as a dialysis RN. It's a lot of work from what I've researched, kudos to you! Best wishes!

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