Florida Hospital Interview for PCT position

  1. I recently had a peer interview with a hospital, and it went well. I got a tour and lead nurse of the unit gave me a tour and told me to ask HR certain things about orientation since it'll conflict with school. I got a call hours later from HR saying I have another interview with the HR department this Mon. Am I really going to be grilled again by HR? Is this just a formality? I've already interviewed with the Head nurse, staff nurse, floor tech, and even the Supervisor. What do you guys think?
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  3. by   mamaxmaria
    I had to go threw the whole interview process a few months ago. But I had to meet with HR first...then meet with the nurse manager and do 2 peer interviews. I was lucky the day I interviewed with HR the Nurse Manager was available to see me... So I got it all done the same day.

    It is normal to meet with HR as THEY are the ones that actually offer you the position. The nurse manger decides weather they like you or not, then HR decides if your qualified for the position....

    good luck :-)
  4. by   Shamanai
    Thank you!!! I was offered the job!
  5. by   icare123
    I have an interview with florida hospital. I applied for the pct position. someone in hr called me and said it was for the surgery services. i wanted know from people that have worked in a setting such as this one what its like at florida hospital such as the shift work load etc. I have 8 yrs experience as a cna so what type of questions might they ask ? Really want this job and really nervous and excited any info or tips would help!!! thanks in advance