CNA, EKG, and PHLEBOTOMY Certification

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    i just started a cna course and i'm loving it! i just discovered the pct forum and was very excited at the thought of providing patient care, drawing blood, handling specimens, and monitoring heart activity. however, the director of my cna school says that cna's don't do all of this, and that pct is another name for cna and they do the same thing, at her hospital.

    my aunt, who is a respiratory therapist says the same thing.

    i've registered for an ekg course and plan to do phlebotomy as soon as registration opens up for the next course.

    can the pcts here just sign on and let me know what you do, and in what state . . . just looking for a bit of support and justification for continuing with my plans . . . i don't want to certify and then not be able to use my skills.

    by the way i've been reading job postings as well to get a feel for what "techs" can do.

    all posts are greatly appreciated.
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    by the way . . . i found this description of a pct course offered in dallas, tx.

    "clinical job duties of the patient care assistant may include: discontinuation of iv’s, clean and irrigate lacerations set up rapid infusor, heptafiler setup. answer phones locate equipment and transport non critical patients and assist with critical patients. foley catheters dressing changes and feed patients assist with comfort measures / safety measures. attend to the psyche patients and escort patients to treatment areas, clean rooms, collect specimens, chest tube setups relieve mr’s, clinitech documentation and collection change sharp boxes and o2. decontamination procedures ekg’s, assist with o2 delivery clean instruments and post-mortem care. copy charts for admissions splint assistance, suction, crutch walking instructions and adjustments take vital signs and assist with pelvic exams perform phlebotomy.
    the pct provides basic nursing care on assigned patients as delegated by the rn ,lvn or lpn and completes other duties as required."
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    I am a patient care tech, as well as a CNA. I work in the emergency department. All of my duties are exactly what you listed above. Except Im also on the trauma team. So when a code comes in, Im running. Anyway, here a CNA can't do the same thing a PCT can. It was 2 different certifications.
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    I've been a CNA since 2005 in Missouri. Just recently graduated RN BSN program and moved to DC. Applied to PCT position in Virginia. They were going to hire me until they found out I would soon be testing for my RN license...which was today actually , fingers crossed hope I passed. I guess that is a liability issue incase something goes wrong and in an emergency I don't act in the scope of an RN b/c I'm a patient care tech...or something like that. Anyway basically I got my CNA endorsed from MO CNA to now a Virginia CNA and obviously they hire you as a PCT here. And there is no difference b/c the don't hire CNAs just PCTs so here a CNA and PCT is the same you don't need phleb, EKG training unless you just want to be able to do that.
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    Hey guys,

    I've been looking for a cna+ekg+ phlebotomy program/school in dallas. Do you guys know of any around in the area? I've tried to find some along with CNA programs in nursing homes (i heard some offer it free? ) but have had not luck.

    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
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    I wouldn't mind taking a class like that also. I am in north carolina. I don't know if we have anything like that.
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    Quote from tammy.
    I wouldn't mind taking a class like that also. I am in north carolina. I don't know if we have anything like that.
    Try to contact local community colleges near you. They may have programs you aren't familiar with or could possibly tell you about other schools they're affiliated with that could have better options. Worked for me.
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    Quote from tammy.
    I wouldn't mind taking a class like that also. I am in north carolina. I don't know if we have anything like that.
    I'm in North Carolina too and I worked as a PCT at CMC-Northeast in Concord, NC. They hired me as a regular CNA and gave me on the job training for EKG and phlebotomy. Great oppurtunity to add more skills under your belt as a CNA. We also insert foley cathethers, etc.

    Some community colleges offer EKG and Phlebotomy programs too but these programs are costly

    Hope that helps!
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    In my school you need to have your CNA license before starting school for PCT. PCT involves EKG, Phlebotomy, Colostomy care, Wound care, Catherization ect

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