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Best PCT training in Fort Lauderdale

  1. 0 Hi , I'm from New York and I am moving to florida soon and was wondering what is the best school (in Fort Lauderdale / broward / Miami dade or close by ) for PAtient care tech (nurse tech) training. In New York the schools are around 3k including CNA, phle,and ekg. I had found a school called Florida career institute but it was ridiculously expensive and the class is toooo long. I also found a school named "Safety Keepers career training Institute" and was wondering if anyone heard of it. Please please please respond...I'm desperate. Thanks
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    Well Mcfatter technical center and sheridan technical center offer the pct program. The cost is roughly a little over one thousand dollars excluding books. Mcfatter is in davie and Sheridan is in Hollywood. Im planning to enroll as a pct at mcfatter in August. Best of luck: )
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    I went to Atlantic Technical Center. And I currently work at Broward Health North. The HR hiring manager loves ATC and many students from there currently working at my hospital.
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    Not familiar with that part of FL but most of the "career institutes" in central FL are ridiculously expensive about the same as you'll pay in NY. The Community/State colleges that have vocational PCT programs are more affordable but of course you will have lots of bureaucracy getting in. Give them a call and see.
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    Hi, fjmunice....which atc did u attend? There's one in coconut creek and one on 19th street