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I thought this would be a cute thread to start, bear with me this is one of my first entries and I've been on call for 24 hours.:rolleyes: 1. You look at your patients as they enter the room and... Read More

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    Your patient asks you " what time is it?" every 3-5 minutes and you answer them each time. This is usually followed by " that was fast"
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    You have needed Vitamin C for you patient. Also known as Compazine for when your patient is flipping crazy and needs to take a snooze!!
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    This is in reply to the nasal airway in the mouth: I do use this and have seen it done. They are softer and it works with less irritation of the gag reflex. I have had one CRNA that does it and it works . "Is my surgery all done? Did it go OK?
    What time is it? Can I have a drink? Can I eat? "
    This is asked in a Q 5 min LOOP I wish I could play back my same answers on a loop.
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    I was playing an online game with a countdown timer for the last 10 seconds. The web is jerky today, so one of the timer beeps was too early. I immediately wondered if it was a PAC or a PVC.
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    And then they are surprised that their SA02 84% pt is combative!!!