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Based on feedback and several request ( request), we have opened this PACU Nursing Forum. Please utilize this forum to discuss issues that are relevant to PACU and network with other nurses that are working or interested in... Read More

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    I am considering PACU and am glad to read the helpful and required core classes before going to PACU.
    What about working in surgery for 15 years and then going to PACU, would that help prepare one for PACU opportunities?

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    How great to see so much response to this forum!!

    PACU rocks!!!!!
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    thank you
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    waaaaaaaaaaay delayed response but ABSOLUTELY
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    Great site.
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    Hi you guys...I'm sooo excited to be among good company here in the pacu forum. I'm looking forward to having a resource for advice since I'll be starting in the PACU after having worked pediatrics for a year and women's care for a year. I'm looking forward to something new and exciting and I hope that you share my joy!!
    Thanks!! ~Kimmie
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    Thanks for this PACU forum! last time I checked in at AllNurses for one,I was disappointed. Great to have a PACU 'home' here!!
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    Thank you
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    (...............from a nurse with a lot of PACU experience) :wink2:
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    this is great!! glad to see pacu nurses with their own group..i've been told we are the step children of the hospital...i love my job..just not the treatment we get

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