Post-op Calls

  1. Is there a standard or recommended time frame in which to do patient callbacks after PACU discharge? Administration wants us to do them the next day, we are so busy that sometimes we
    don't have time until 48-72 hrs later, & we have recently been asked to call endoscopy patients as well. Friday patients aren't called until Monday. Just wondering how it's done in other places.
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  3. by   brownbook
    I can't site the who or what regulations, but it is emphasized that post op calls must be done the next working day.

    I've never timed myself, but honestly I can get through a lot of calls in a very short time. If there are a lot of calls and a busy day I don't ask all the questions on our call back sheet, "Have you had nausea, how is your pain", etc. I explain who I am, why I'm calling, and ask how they are doing. If I get a good positive resounding, "I feel great, no problems," I DON'T go down the check list.

    We have to document two attempts. We make a second call the next day if the first call was to an answering maching or no answer. And we call on Monday for Friday surgeries (and endoscopes).
  4. by   anononurse
    Where I work we have to do the callbacks w/in 72 hours. We do not do endoscopies or locals. We also make 2 attempts but occasionally it is 72 hrs b/f we make a first attempt. Recently my wife had surgery at another hospital & they asked if she would like a follow-up call, she said "sure" & they called a week later. Within 24 hours is NICE, but not always feasible.
  5. by   meandragonbrett
    Uh, the PACU shouldn't be responsible for follow up calls. We have patients to wake up and stabilize.

    Follow up calls should be done by Outpatient Surgery/Ambulatory Surgery/Post-op whatever your hospital calls it. They are the ones that admit the patient the morning of surgery and they are the ones that discharge the patient home. Not the PACU.
  6. by   anononurse
    In outpatient surgery centers, as well as outpatient surgery depts in hospitals, PACU commonly discharges both inpatients & outpatients, hence we do the calls for all out patients. The unit the patient is discharged from does the calls for inpatients. It may vary from facility to facility.