Leaving the ED for the PACU

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    Does anyone have any good information on acclimating to the new environment? I'm curious on specific skills, important assessment knowledge, and any other great tips. If it makes any difference it is an all peds PACU that see anyone who is not going to require prolonged intubation or drips beyond renal dosed dopamine. My background is 5 years of pediatric trauma/ED. Thank you for any and all posts!
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    I am also interested in the PACU, I am in Med/Surg now, I cant wait to read the responses.
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    I feel like ED and PACU are probably the most similar jobs in the hospital. Only exception is you always have docs right there in the ER. You have many of the same stressors, some different too. The best part is generally dealing with family less and the second best part is most of your patient's don't die.

    Surgery in general seems to have a lot less BS to do with computers and making sure you do this or that. It seems more patient care oriented.