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I was just wondering how common it was for circulators to recover their own patients whole on on?... Read More

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    Any person circulating does not merely assist the scrub person, but the anaesthesia provider as well. Most circulating nurses at my hospital have sufficient knowledge of the effects of anaesthesia to be able to recover an extubated patient; and no patient should be extubated until breathing spontaneously. If the comment reflects PACU's opinion of OR, it's probably more a case of "mutual feeling" than lack of knowledge.

    And it's definitely disturbing that such a lack of respect and cooperation exists between two vital departments....
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    OMG! Our circulators cannot "touch" the patient. When the mgr wanted me to "orient" an OR nurse how to "assess" and pre op a patient; she almost lost it when I informed her: Ok now assess the patient. She said "you mean you expect me to actually touch them?" "why?" I kid you not! But I understand that the OR is a totally different ballgame. They do NOT manage the patient. Anesthesia does. They do not make the decisions. Anesthesia or the Surgeon does. You really can't expect them to do what a PACU nurse does. They work OR for a reason. I enjoy patient care. I enjoy being in charge of my patient. I have yet to meet one OR nurse that does. They want to circulate. Let them do what they do best.
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    I've worked in a place where the OR nurse would only have to help recover a patient if only one pacu nurse was present, and in the entire time I worked there, I never saw that happen. I've also worked at a place where the OR nurse has to recover the patient if called out. As an OR nurse, I disagree with this. I was trained for months to do my job in the OR, and that's what I'm good at. You can't really expect me to get a one week crash course in recovering patients and then expect that I'll be good at it, especially when my training most likely won't let me see a situation where something goes wrong, so I'm screwed when it happens to me as I'm the only nurse there. Nobody at my facility would ever expect a pacu nurse to just come in and blindly run an OR, so it's not fair to us to have to do it in pacu.
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    I have worked as both a circulator and a PACU nurse...both have their own challenges. I prefer to circulate...but I have been pulled to recovery and pre-op as well to work

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