arterial line insertion by OR/PACU nurses - page 3

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Does any other hospitals have staff RNs that start art lines for anest? :) What is your policy? Do you have special training? We had one RN who started art lines and she is leaving. Anesthesia and the surgeons are on the rest... Read More

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    OH MY GOODNESS, I did not realize that thread was begun SOOO long ago!
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    i'm an ICU nurse working in a small hospital where the PPG does not allow us to insert arterial lines neither take ABG but i have done a lot (i mean A LOT) of ABG's and arterial line insertions and out of 10 i get a 9/10 success. i guess my experience in inserting IV access to new borns, neonates and pedia in my previous jobs helped a lot. I can also say that i am the one of the only two(2) nurses in our hospital who can do that. the problem is, some doctors are just intimidated at how good we are but i do not blame them coz when things gets bad, it's their license on the line. i'm just saying, if you have the opportunity to do such... go for it... as long as it does not compromise the patient's health.