what is usually done for tendinitis in ankle?

  1. 0 Just to make it clear....I am NOT asking for medical advice - I already have an apt scheduled with my orthopedist who did surgery on my other ankle for torn ligament. I'm just wondering if anybody knows about what kinds of treatment I might expect. I'm guessing it's tendinitis - got pain in the top of my ankle w/severely limited mobility - apparantly because of those dang expensive MBT shoes I bought. I did some internet searching and came up with some places that said it needs to be immobilized in a a walking cast, some some cortisone injections, some said physical therapy. I'm just not sure what to expect. I just started a new job as a CNA at the hospital and started my LPN clinicals and really can't afford to be immobilized and have no time for p.t. - working fulltime and school fulltime. I am doing the exercises at home that they had me do on my other ankle after the surgery and using theraband for gentle stretching. I know that fixing the problem now is better than letting it get worse though. If anybody can tell me what I MIGHT be in for, I'd appreciate it.
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