Question about working in an ortho office and OR.

  1. I am a RN new grad and very interested in orthopedics. I have always wanted to be able to work in an orthopedic office AND also be able to be in the OR . I know of nurses who do this but not sure where to even start. What are the educational requirements for something like this. I know this is not something that I could do right off but I would like to start working that way. Any information on this would be very much appreciated.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Usually what I see is older experienced nurses in Ortho offices. Many times they have no nurses at all, just xray techs, so be careful who you talk with when taking orders over the phone. Doctors who use staff OR nurses often find one or two who they like to work with and will offer them the position of office/or nurse. Here He/she goes there also goes the Nurse. My suggestion would be to apply for an OR position in surgery first to see if you like it. I always wanted to work in surgery, til I got the position and then I found I hated it You have to try something for a while before you know.
  4. by   fracturenurse
    I agree with the earlier post. Try the OR first and make sure you like it. We are a crazy bunch. If you want to work for an orthopod, you might look into becoming a RNFA. You will have to go to specialized training to learn to first assist. Three of our nurses were picked up by ortho docs because they could first assist. Sometimes they will hire scrub techs instead of nurses to help in the OR. It just depends. Anyways, get into the OR, work in ortho and go from there. I wish you luck!