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ONC certification exam...!

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I'm from Reno Nv. Just took the ONC certificatoin exam yesterday in SanFran Calif. Have mixed feelings about it! Studyed mostly from the disc that I had obtained from NAON, but many of the questions on the exam were not related to the study material. Its a 200 question exam, pencil and paper, multiple choice with four hours to complete. I finished in about 4 hours. Not sure how I did! We had a group of 6 RN's from Reno that took it and all have about the same opinion. We will not get out results until about 6 weeks...ugh... Just wondering if anyone out there has taken the test and how they felt...does anyone know the pass rate of this exam. I have been a Ortho nurse for 5 years. Have a great day!!
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    Hello, I took the ortho cert exam on April 30th. I studied solely from the naon core curriculum. I read the entire book over about two weeks and then tried to focus on the main issues (DJD, trauma). I did the test questions at the end of each chapter and went over those a couple times. I felt that the test was difficult and I am not certain how to feel about it-if I passed or not. I'll be thrilled if I passed but I'm not so sure. My former nurse manager took the cert exam and passed but she is the only other person who I know who has taken it. I was told it takes 4-6 weeks to get the results. One way to look at it is that you need a 70% to pass so you could get up to 60 questions wrong! I hope you get your results soon and that everything goes well!
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    Hi thanks for replying. Did you take the exam in Burlingame Calif? I have finally rested up from the test and the trip to Calif. to take the test. My fingers are crossed that we passed!! It could go either way. Have a good day.
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    I took the exam in Philadelphia. I think there was only one other nurse there for the ortho cert exam, the rest were for med-surg and other stuff. She finished in less than two hours, I was there over three. I think I recovered from all of the stress of actually taking the test, I just have to deal with everyone asking me how the test went, if I passed! It just reminds me too much. I'm sure it will be worth it, though!
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    I just got my results today that I passed!! I'm so relieved! It was a difficult exam but I'm glad I did it. Now if I can just keep up with the CE hours to maintain certification.
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    :Melody: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :Melody:

    That is the hardest test I ever took! I didn't keep up my CEs so I took it again in 94, and 99 and this year I "retired".

    P RN, ONCr