need advice from ER to ortho

  1. hello everyone!

    i'm having a dilemma about working from er to ortho floor.

    i started working in er last july and i like it. then i got a jot a job interview for ortho just today and got the job. i don't know what to do.

    i like er but it is too far for me ( which i didn't realized when i applied for the job) being new in nursing, that was one of my mistakes. never had any nursing experience before and like every body else, i'm overwhelmed in er but love the diversity.

    then today, i was offered a job part time in ortho which is close to where i'm staying. by the way, i'm a physiotherapy from my home country, the reason why i kinda like to do ortho. something that is close to my heart.

    i'm thinking of getting myself comfortable first at the floor like ortho and go back to er in the next 3 years. but my dilemma is, would it be worth it working part time in ortho and just pick up shifts to have ft hours? i feel guilty to leaving er for they provided my training but the hospital is far, specially in winter. the some where saying ortho is a heavy floor that i should stick in er. i don't know... any advice would do. thanks!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Do you still have your PT certification? That would certainly give you a boost on any ortho floor. You can always try it. If it prooves too difficult, there are still dozens of specialties out there you might find fit you better.