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I passed the exam this morning. If you are considering it or currently preparing, I am happy to provide my advice/input.... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    I'm a terribly old ortho nurse, but I took the ONC in 1989, again in 93, again in 95 and again in 99. It cost me approximately $1000 each time. (Oh I passed every time with honors). I'm a good test taker but to me it was the hardest dang test I'd ever taken. Back then you had to drive to where it was offered it wasn't computer based. I admire anyone who gets that ONC, so congrats!

    What helped me most was remembering what the doctors discussed on their rounds. I did the book study but to me the one on one was irreplaceable.
  2. by   Mgasper40
    I'm planning on taking my ONC exam in the next month or two. I have several different resources and want to know what you all think will be the most helpful to prepare me for the exam. I have the core curriculum text book, CD rom self assessment, PowerPoint and lecture from NAON review course, and I also plan on purchasing the practice quizzes from the Testing website. Which one should I focus on??
  3. by   mmc51264
    I had all of those except the book. I did the PP packet from a review session and the CD-ROMs. Another colleague suggested that and it worked for me. To me the book was way too expensive.
    Good Luck!!!
  4. by   Mgasper40
    If one study item helped you the most what was it? The power points or the cd rom?? Which one was most similar to the test, or were they similar at all?