I am now 8 weeks post op from lumbar disc replacement

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    Thank you to all those who answered my questions about lumbar disc replacement. I am now 8 weeks post op and am thrilled with the results. I have gone from 20mg of morpine every 2 hrs to 2 paracetamol per day. I had L4/5 and S1 discs replaced using Charite II prothesis' via an anterior approach.

    The operation was less painful than a laparoscopy I had years ago, thanks to a morphine infusion for 24 hours then oral narcotic pain relief for 4 weeks. I was discharged 4 days post op, but was ready for home on day 3.

    I have spent the last week gardening and packing up my house to move, not something I would have dreamed of previously.
    Anyone contemplating this procedure should go for it, I am now looking forward to a new start and getting back to work.

    Tassie Nurse

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    Is this the disk you are referring to?

    My husband has been told by his pain specialist that he would be a good candidate for disk replacement. Your post gives me hope that maybe someday my husband will be able to find relief from his constant pain. The FDA has yet to approve the disks here in the states, but I hear that approval should occur in the next year or two. Thanks for the update. Hope your recovery continues to go well.
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    Dear Deespoohbear,

    Yes thats the one, and if I were you I would check again to see if it has been FDA approved because my surgeon told me that it had. Good luck with it.
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    PS. I forgot to mention, I am now 2 inches taller and have lost 2 stone in weight.
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    My hubby has an appointment on April 29th to see his pain specialist. Oh, I hope you are correct about it being FDA approved. It just tears me to pieces to see him in so much pain. I hope he still is a candidate for this surgery. He does NOT want a fusion but he said he would be willing to try this. The incision is through the stomach, huh? That's interesting.
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    Please ask about the FDA approval, but I am sure that is what my surgeon said.

    To do the anterior approach I was tipped head down on the table so that the abdominal contents went up under my ribs as far as the fat would allow (not very dignified) then he made a vertical incision, split the muscles and took the retroperitoneal trip back through to my spine. If you would like to give me your email address I can scan the consent form I signed which contained a very thorough discription of the whole op as well as listing all the complications.
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    Dee; I am due for the "experimental" disc to be installed in a few months. It is not FDA approved, yet, our wonderfully slow, footdragging Governement. I am having my "ProDisc" installed at the Back Institute in Plano, Texas. These folks are allowed three per month, hence, the waiting period.
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    Tass: I am scheduled for the disc on March 4, 2004. It will be installed in Dallas, Texas at the Back Institute, by Dr. Richard Guyer.
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    I too am going to recieve the Prodisc implant. Here in California by Dr Rick Delamarter in Santa Monica. I did here that the Charite will be approved as soon as this summer. So hang on this is going to be wonderful.
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    I'm curious as to how all of you qualified for the ProDisc or Charite procedures. I've been told by TBI that I have to pay for the procedure out of pocket. I currently have an pending appealed WC case. If I win my case, the chances that their doctor will suggest or even approve my having that procedure done is very slim.

    About the FDA, if you go to FDA.gov and do a search on ProDisc you will not find it (Well I couldnt find it). However you will find the Charite. Does anyone have any new information or documentation regarding the Prodisc? I have some docs from TBI written by Dr. Ziglar, but have not been able to find any substantial documention regarding FDA approval with the Prodisc.

    Thank you,
    Dave Smith

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