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I had a patient come back from a TKA at 1500. I'm a new grad, and this was my first fresh ortho surgical that I've had. He received a Duramorph spinal as well as general anesthesia. The patient did... Read More

  1. by   blue heeler
    i am more liberal with time for peeing and our ortho usually writes for a straight cath if the bladder scanner shows more than 600. 2400 is not a lot of fluid after a joint surgery.
  2. by   ipaharpoon
    I work in Pediatric Surgery, lots of Ortho. We let 8-10 hours go by and most kids use most of the time. The longest I'll let them go is 12. Perhaps the reason why this seems more than most posts is how traumtic something like cathing is for a kid. Most of the time if they need the cath, they'll be begging for it by the time it's inserted.
  3. by   tigerrn
    Quote from willyRN86
    I had a patient come back from a TKA at 1500. I'm a new grad, and this was my first fresh ortho surgical that I've had. He received a Duramorph spinal as well as general anesthesia. The patient did not have a foley. I asked if the patient peed in recovery, the surgical nurse stated no. He had 2400 mL of fluids in during the surgery and he was a very large gentleman and had peed before they took him in at 1200, which the surgical nurse told me it was fine if he didn't pee for awhile. I had the patient try to pee at about 1830, even though he couldn't feel like he had to pee. The patient had full sensation back from his spinal (another story all together). The doctor came in at 1845 and was furious he hadn't peed yet. How long is it OK to wait for a patient to pee after getting a spinal?? Any thoughts? I felt terrible!
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    According to standards of practice, eight hours is your window. Studies show after this time , bacteria will begin to grow. The same reason nurses have frequent UTIs. Certainly your order takes priority. And as for bladder scanners, they are about as accurate as a warped boomerang! Happy cathing!
  5. by   Jaade
    We have standing orders that say after the foley is removed, if the pt has not urinated in 4-6 hours straight cath x 1 and then if the pt is still unable to urinate in the next 4-6 hours, call the MD.
  6. by   cjcalimer
    Our Duramorph patients always keep their foley till 6am POD#1 (which is part of the reason we don't use it anymore). As far as voiding, our docs tends to be pretty laid back about it. I'd bladder scan at 6-8 hours unless the patient was complaining of discomfort. We don't cath unless the volume is over 500 or a ridiculous amount of time has passed. The answer is usually give them more time and get them up and walking. And if they're peeing at all, even as little as 25-50mL, they won't cath them unless the volume get up around 700 or 800 or they're uncomfortable. Everything is about the minimum intervention possible.
  7. by   habs18
    Our window is 6-8 hours for our patient to urinate, when they haven't in the slotted time we get our bladder scanner and check to see if the patient is even making urine or is just dehydrated. Many times if the patients bladder is holding less than 200mL we won't straight cath the patient but inform the doctor that the patient has inadequate mL's of urine.

    Unfortunately many older male patients suffer from BPH or other prostate problems and they can be difficult to straight cath or require multiple straight catharsis (many doctors on my unit will order straight cath PRN q6hrs x3).
  8. by   ProudONC
    Our policy is 6 hours then we bladder scan and do I/O cath if over a certain amount. Before we I/O cath we the Duramorph patients we give Narcan 0.1 mg and repeat x 1 if not voided. This has worked the 3 times I have had to do it. It is part of the protocol from Anesthesia for the first 24 hours on our total joint patients.
  9. by   BSNtexas
    I was told it was 8 hours. Anyone have any reason behind that?
  10. by   mmc51264
    We have a protocol, 6 hours or symptomatic, we scan, >350mL straight cath. Continue. If pt cannot void on his/her own after 3 caths, Foley placed for 24 hours. Usually that does the trick.
  11. by   NewRN1189
    We give the patient 6-8hours, bladder scan and straight cath if >300 on if they have to be straight cath'd for a 4th time we just insert a foley and consult urology. If they are dry we bolus them.
  12. by   ken1955
    Not everyone pees the same. I had a heart ablation done on the 28th of November. the procedure was 9 hours. They put a catheter in for the procedure and it was taking out when I woke up. The 2 nurses one male one female told me if I don't pee within 4 to 6 hours they would have to catheter me. I only pee twice a day and I don't pee on demand. When I go to my urologist I take a urine sample with me. They keep on coming and asking me if I went yet. The female nurse even had a catheter in her hand. She kept telling me she was going to put it in if I don't pee and I told her no your not. Not without my permission. I peed about 100cc about 5 hour later. They finely left me alone I went home and have no problem. No one does anything to me unless they have my permission. I was upset when they put a A-line in me for the surgery. I would have like to know about it. I know they were trying to be safe but tell a patient he told me everything else. Ken