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    Anyone know what a cam walker is? Ortho doc ordered bilateral ones for a woman that fractured her left ankle and right foot. Since she is NWB I'm not quite sure what these are for. All I can tell you is that she HATES them! Anyone use them before??

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    She already has them on?

    I guess maybe the doc is using them as an alternative to casting.

    They'd keep the foot in neutral without having to stress it to apply the fibreglas.
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    They just seem so big and bulky to me for someone who is bed/chair ridden. I can't imagine that there isn't a splint that is as effective without being such a nuisance! Unless maybe he is planning on changing her weight bearing status soon..
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    ooops double post
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    FWB is probably exactly what doc has in mind. There are some other foot drop devices but none that will maintain alignment like a Cam Walker.

    When I broke my left ankle (Potts fx-tib/fib) I was FWB after only a few days.

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