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    Hello fellow nurses...

    So... I moved to Portland from California in August 09. (I used to live here so I am not a complete transfer, lol!) I am an RN and worked in a wonderful hospital in California as a Oncology Nurse for 1.5 yrs. I was an extern there for 1 year so it was pretty easy to get hired there. I am not very good at job hunting... My RN position was my first job.

    Now I am job searching (struggling) in Portland for 3 months now. I am being somewhat picky... I'd prefer full time, day shift at one of the local hospitals. I am applying on the websites for basic med-surg positions and also things like home health and hospice. I have had one interview and unfortunately the manager called in sick that day!!! So I didn't have much luck there. I don't know why I am not getting any calls back. I know I am a somewhat new nurse but I was hoping it wouldn't be this hard. I'm hoping it's just recession and 2010 will be better.

    Should I be making more phone calls to HR? I wouldn't mind SNF but because I am relatively new I don't want to lose my skills either. Would just like some advice before starting to apply at SNFs. Any advice would help. Sorry this is not well written. Have to go pick up my 5 year old from school!!!


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    Wow, is it really that hard to find a job in Portland!?! They're hiring nurses right & left in Eugene--keep looking! Sounds like you need to switch your RN to Oregon--Good Luck!
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    lilmomaluvinlife -

    When I was reading your post it sounded exactly like my experience, except that I haven't moved I have been an RN since 2006, worked with Legacy for 2 years (trauma stepdown), left to go pursue a private peds clinic RN job for 1 year, and lost that job in October. So I had been VERY actively searching since that time and had the same experience as you. With my stepdown experience I thought, okay, I'm definitely qualified for med/surg -- I got zero calls for all the med/surg positions that I applied for. I applied with Kaiser, Legacy, and Providence for many med/surg positions and a couple stepdown med/surg units. ZERO call backs.

    I DID call pretty much every HR department with all of these systems. I emailed them my cover letter/resume as well. I figured it was better to get my name out there and have someone tell me NO rather than not do that. I hated doing it though because I felt like I was being such a pain.

    With that said, the one and only call back I did get was with OHSU for their neuro ICU internship, which I was offered and accepted.

    Keep putting your name out there and contact the HR departments. The market sucks, but I feel it is getting better. They're all just being super picky because they can be right now. They are trying to find someone that fits their "mold", but unfortunately overlooking very qualified nurses, such as yourself

    Good luck and feel free to send me a private message if you need support or have Q's or whatever!
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    Thanks for your support! I know I saw that OSHU internship and am kicking myself for not applying!!! Well congrats on getting in somewhere! Im sure it's a great program...

    Thanks again...
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    Apply to everything...you never know what might push you through. Do you have your resume on Monster/Careerbuilder? A little persistence goes a long way. My sister works in HR, and she said that after seeing the same resume over and over again in the pile, she eventually puts them through to at least one position that they fit, just for their tenacity. It is scary, but Kaiser, Prov and OHSU post jobs almost every week. I would suggest you to sign up with the Job Alerts on all the websites. Prov/Kaiser will email you any jobs that fit your criteria set in the job agent. OHSU has a feed to all their job postings. Just stay on it, and don't let up until you get a job!
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    Quote from sunflowerross
    Wow, is it really that hard to find a job in Portland!?! They're hiring nurses right & left in Eugene--keep looking! Sounds like you need to switch your RN to Oregon--Good Luck!
    I sure wish I knew where this was happening...

    It took me three months of looking to find the job I had (I worked in a hospital at the time, and had been for seven years!), and I just lost that job two days ago. I am seriously having to consider moving way out of state...something I was stressed about having to do the first time I had a hard time finding a job! The local Eugene/Springfield job market just doesn't seem as positive as you're making it sound
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    Sorry to hear about that nrsnic... That is unfortunate... Times are rough right now!!! Just have to stay positive... Even sometimes it's tough to even do that :0(
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    I know of 6 new grads starting on the ICU and 1 on the IMCU in Salem, they all have their BSN. Of my graduating class this past December, about 10 of us have jobs now. I know many people have moved out of state to find a job. Oregon and Washington are pretty much in the same boat - saturated with new nursing graduates.
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    I lived in Eugene for 20 years. 27 Yrs old now. In school in SF for nursing. I know for a fact They are hiring RN's in Eugene left and right.

    Check out Oregon Medical labs and PeaceHealth medical. I know they have about 120 current openings for RNs...

    Eugene sucks, But It's where the money is in Oregon for nursing. Riverbend is HUGE..
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    Well at least some nurses are being hired... unfortunately I am not interested in moving to Eugene. Especially after I just recently moved all from california to Portland. Plus I love Portland and living here is worth the wait!!! ;0)

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