Volunteering at Doernbecher's?

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    So I am currently a pre-nursing student and I just sent in my volunteer application to hopefully volunteer at Doernbecher's NICU. I have availability all over the place and am really, REALLY hoping this goes through (rather, that they contact me at all).

    So does anyone here have experience with DCH's NICU and volunteers and the process and stuff? I'm really, really nervous because I want this so badly...

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Just wanted to say good luck to you, have you thought about Emanuel's NICU and children's hospital? I am doing my clinicals there and it is a beautiful hospital
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    Out of curiosity, what nursing program are you in? Clark, PCC, etc?
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    I am at PCC
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    I had put in an application to volunteer at OHSU and they never got back to me...but Providence did! Although they don't have a children's hospital, they do have a NICU at the Barnes Rd location (St. Vincents). Worth a shot just in case OHSU doesn't get back to you!
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    I'll definitely look at that! Thanks very much. =)
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    Hi! I have been volunteering in OHSU's NICU for over a year now and I LOVE it! I currently volunteer twice a week and I love the time that I get to spend holding the babies. I applied to volunteer online but did not hear back from the volunteer coordinator for several months. I called to check on the status of my ap and was told (to my surprise) that it could not be located. I decided to show up to the volunteer office in person finally and filled out a paper version of the ap right there. It was a perfect opportunity to make my face know to the people in charge. I guess that my best advice is to SHOW UP IN PERSON! Openings for the NICU do not come often, so taking the initiative is worth the effort.

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