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Sumner College Portland OR :)

  1. 0 Anyone here applying to the new ADN program at Sumner College??

    I am currently studying to take the TEAS at the end of May for this new program
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    I'm planning to apply, they called me back on the 13th of June and told me they would be sending out packets to around 100 interested students mid-to late July and were hoping to start the program in September. She also said being an LVN (LPN) would make the program take 11-13 months.... IDK if its that accurate because it seems pretty fast for an ADN but if it is that would be really awesome! I'll be moving up from So-Cali so its right on time for me. I'm looking fwd to more information in July. Hope they get their approval, sounds promising!
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    Last time I spoke with them I was told they were finalizing details but had already been approved! Yay.

    I had not heard that they were already planning on starting in september, thats great though.

    So Im assuming you are an LPN? thats great. I know for the full ADN program it takes two years, so it makes sense that it would take half that time if you are an LPN.

    I cant wait to receive some more info
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    So here's the info I've got!

    The rep who called me says she will call me back on July 16th with more info after the "meeting" rather or not they have approval to begin enrollment. The campus for the RN program only will be at a new location by the PDX airport which they recently obtained. They have not yet been approved by the Office of Degree Authorization to offer this program and that's all they're waiting on as stated on their webpage. They have already applied with the OSBN and been approved for candidacy but, careful, that does not mean nor guarauntee they will be accredited, they are listed on the OSBN website as "candidate for initial approval" so the RN program is not officially accredited yet, but that is normal because no nursing program can be until their first class actually graduates and passes NCLEX. First few cohorts will be the guinea pigs. So I hope that gives us a break in tuituin?? haha Here's hoping! Also as far as accreditation goes they are not accredited nor have candidiacy status by the NLNAC-- not that Sumner claims to. This may only matter to people who plan to transfer to or work somewhere that requires degrees held be from a Nationally accredited institution. However just to take NCLEX and work, at least within OR they're good to go with OSBN initial approval, and if the first graduating class NCLEX pass rate is good they will get "final approval" status and can tell future students they're RN program is actually accredited so long as the pass rates stay in the first attempts 85% range. I know veteran nurses/ professional students will red flag on these less than favorable facts but every nursing program had to start somewhere!!

    I did pick up on my misread that clarified why the program would be much shorter for someone with a PN license and no other transferable credit and that is that this program will not be an ADN one, it is an AAS program. The major difference being that this program will not transfer to a BSN, they will transfer to BAS programs but those are few and far between and its the BSN that OR employers are looking for come 2018 if you want to work in a hospital according to rumors. Typical LPN-ADN programs still run in the 2 year range from what I've found that's why I thought the year seemed short-- but I'll definitely take it. On the con side Applied Science degrees focus largely on the core classes in nursing and very little on the typical GE classes so unless Sumner later offers a BAS program or obtains an articulation agreement with one of the other nursing schools to bridge into the BSN program, graduates will be stuck at the AAS level or have to find a RN-BSN program but probably still need to do those GE classes that the AAS didn't require which could make the BSN still take another 4yrs if you're without your pre-req's! So people hoping to be on the "Degree of nursing" track vs the "applied science" track may want to keep this in mind. On the pro side AAS programs truly focus on hands on study and a lot less on the "busy work" classes which is my preference! It may mean that in the end we're ready to hit the ground running having spent more time focused on nursing skills & assessments rather than spending half the program writing essays and taking electives we don't even want. Personally as long as we can sit for NCLEX I'm
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    Thank you for all this info. Long story short, im with long as we can sit for the NCLEX im in! I did email the ODA last week and was told that they have approved this school so that is great news!

    It would be great if they lowered the tuition for the first class! Any idea when they plan to start the first class?

    I will be happy with an associates in nursing, later if I want I can take the pre reqs for a bachelors program on my own time while already working as a nurse...or maybe the school in the next few years will offer a bachelors program or like you said, maybe they will team up with a school allowing their grads to transfer over and complete a bachelors program.
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    I am looking into applying to the Sumner College RN program with a start date of Jan. 2014, which will be the second cohort, from my understanding.

    I was wondering if you decided to enter the program? And if so, I am looking for some information on what it is like. How the college is, teacher, etc. I would be making a move from Northern Washington down to Portland, so it is a big deal! Any comments you have would be great!

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    Quote from fullforce
    Hello! I am looking into applying to the Sumner College RN program with a start date of Jan. 2014, which will be the second cohort, from my understanding. I was wondering if you decided to enter the program? And if so, I am looking for some information on what it is like. How the college is, teacher, etc. I would be making a move from Northern Washington down to Portland, so it is a big deal! Any comments you have would be great! Thanks!
    Was wondering if you decided to go with Sumner? I am also considering this school.
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    Hello, I'm in the first cohort group. I'm currently an LPN and I have to say that having already been through nursing school (LPN). The ADN program here at Sumner is way better. The instructors, faculty, and all the students are fantastic. The faculty are there to make sure everybody is learning the material. For the first group of ADN students we all love it. It can only get better as they tweek the program to make it run even more smoothly. Hope this helps answer your questions.
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    I applied and was not accepted into the first cohort but I studied for the TEAS exam this past year and scored much higher on the exam this time and have been scheduled for a panel. Three of my coworkers attended Sumner and graduated from their LPN program. They all have nothing good things to say about the instructors, the scheduling, and the classes. Two of them want to return to take the RN program as well. All three were of them were hired where I work within weeks of taking the NCLEX. I have heard nothing but good things about the college. Good luck with whatever you choose to do! You can always get your RN and then take an online program to get your BSN!
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    They are accredited - they have to be to be approved by the OSBN. What you are talking about is an additional national nursing accreditation; which is not required to offer a nursing program. You are right, it may help if you want to go on, but most online RN to BSN programs don't care as long as you have graduated from an accredited program (accredited as in recognized by CHEA and the Department of Education) and have a RN license. I'm with you, as long as I can sit for the NCLEX!
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    Thank you for replying! I just moved to the area this last weekend. I recieved a job at a local clinic as a medical assistant. I am studying to take my TEAS soon and will apply in the next few weeks, but not for the June cohort, but the follwing one, which I was told will start in January. Im keeping my fingers crossed I get in! Im glad your friends liked the LPN program. The commute from Beaverton to the school seems very doable
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    I am planning to enroll with Sumners but was also worried about being able to transfer credit later for BSN. I wanted to get into RN program with them but then figured if i don't have any medical background it would be better for me to go through LPN get some work experience, and then bridge to their RN program. What would you guys suggest?
    So would it be possible to then enter a BSN program w/o taking all the prereq.?