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RN Salary Portland OR

  1. 0 Hello,
    I just moved to Portland. I got a job with an agency. They offered me $37.50 and hour. I have a total of 10 years experience. 3 years in Long term care, 10 in Acute Physical Rehab, and 5 years experience in med/Surg. I just moved from Pennsylvania, and I know that the cost of living is much higher here. Does this amount sound good to start out? Thank you.
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    I am not familiar with agency rates here. I think on a regular med surg dayshift position I make about $32/hr, not including any weekend or evening differential and I've been a med surg nurse for almost 3 years. Good luck!
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    Hello. I have a question you might be able to help me out with:
    I've been accepted to the Linfield nursing program. I have heard not so great things about students coming out of that school. As in, they don't know what they're doing... only how to read. However, I know this represents only 2 opinions... do you have any input?

    Thank you.
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    What agency are you with? I am looking for agencies if an internship doesnt work out for me. I am a new grad and am not finding much for jobs in the Portland area.
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    Foley6 -
    I'm not an agency RN, but I hope this helps:
    With 3.5 years of experience trauma stepdown and peds clinic, I was offered base rate of 34.18 for staff RN at a hospital (unionized, so they have pay steps).

    KellT1203 -Did you see Legacy has a brand new merer with Versant and is opening a new grad only internship? Portland and Vancouver-based Hospitals and Clinics - Legacy Health
    Check it out. I worked at a Legacy hospital for 2 years and I loved my team members. Good luck.
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    Hi everyone! I am moving to Portland as soon as I know which hospitals are the best to apply to. I have 13yrs experience and work currently in CCU/CSU at Stanford in SF bay area. I realize I will have a pay cut but the cost sf living here is insane! Please, if anyone a has any good advise on where the BEST, teaching and union hospitals are please reveal. I am really hoping to find good camaradrie within the staff in a hospital as well. Also, what do you think I will start at in wages for 13yrs and what are the shift diffs too . P.s. Any good housing ideas are welcomed too. Thank You for any help! I am new to this site so feel free to email me with any helpful info at mare7711@yahoo.com