Relocating to Southern Oregon

  1. I am an RN/BSN with almost 5 years of med-surg and a year and a half of icu/step-down experience in a critical access hospital. I am considering relocating to the Medford/Grants Pass area and am interested in hearing from others about their experiences with the various hospitals there. I am particularly interested in knowing how Asante's benefits and medical insurance compare to Providence and Planetree. Also, are any of the hospitals unionized?

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  3. by   Love911Nursing
    Hi - Asante has 2 hospitals. Rogue Valley Medical Center in Medford (they are unionized) and Three Rivers Community Hospital in Grants Pass (they are not a union). I work in GP as a CNA and just graduated from nursing school and have been hired as a RN. I can't tell you about their benefits or health coverage since I currently work Code 3 (on-call). Either place is an awesome place to work, though!
  4. by   busymommy
    What can you tell me about the work environment in your hospital, Love911Nursing? Do the RNs generally seem happy to be there? What's the nurse-to-patient ratio like on, say, a med-surg floor? Also, would love to know about the cost of living in that area. We may be relocating to So. OR for family issues, so any info (or links to info) that you can pass on would be great.

  5. by   rowdynun
    I start as an ER nurse as a traveler on Dec 20, 2012 at rogue valley. You are welcome to contact me after that
  6. by   ConRadical
    I am also looking into this area and have noted that Medical Staffing Network has many listings here. I have previously worked with them and then accepted a staff job in San Antonio after working with the agency for several years at the facility, and am looking at doing the same thing again.
  7. by   ConRadical
    wow! Didn't look at the full date of this only the March14!