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Hello everyone, I keep reading posts from other folks claiming Linfield nurses as basically incompetent when it comes to clinical experience. Are there any current Linfield nursing students or graduates that can please refute... Read More

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    Hi Shelbel -

    I was in the 18-month accelerated program. graduated in Dec 2006. I got engaged in Feb 2005, and had planned to get married in August 2005. When I was accepted to school, I learned that we had competency assessments the Monday after my planned wedding date - not the best scenario. So we delayed the wedding for the following August. Because we had a few weeks off from classes, it worked. However, I had already done a lot of planning prior to my getting accepted to school, my mom was able to help out a lot. We also decided to really tone the wedding down, just to keep it simple. Actually, the planning that I did do during school was a nice distraction for me. So, this really worked for me.

    If you are aiming for a large elaborate wedding, I wouldn't advise trying to do it during the program. But, don't underestimate the need for distraction from school - so maybe planning a wedding would be a fun, non-school-related activity. (You will need these, I promise!)

    Good luck!
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    Hi khazel - thanks so much for your reply re: your experience w/ planning a wedding in the middle of the program. I'm impressed you were able to work it out the way you did. I haven't done any planning yet ... and have three more pre-reqs and a part time job this summer to keep me busy before the program starts this fall! I appreciate your feedback, it will help me in the discerning process. Congrats btw on your job and success after school! Take care.
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