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Portland Area nursing....where did you apply?

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    This discussion is to bring 2014 Portland area school applicants together and hopefully meet our soon to be classmates. Please share where you have applied this year and a little bit about yourself. I applied to OHSU's ABSN and Linfield's ABSN. I have a previous social service degree, worked in healthcare for three years and now work as a career counselor. I decided to follow my own advice about following my dreams and here I am anxiously waiting to hear back for a decision that will come in what seems like an eternity from now. Nice to meet you!
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    Hello there! I applied to Walla Walla University, Portland campus for their tradtional BSN program. I take my admissions test next week. Super excited! I work at OHSU, and have been in healthcare for 6 years. I've spent the last two years taking prerequisites at PCC. Good luck!
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    Good luck on your admissions test! I'm sure the wait is a killer but sounds like you have great odds!
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    The wait is arduous for sure. When do you expect to hear back from your programs? For my program it's late March.
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    March is nothing! My first choice doesn't let applicants know until JUNE! These next few months will be torturous. How did your admissions test go? Good luck!
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    Efda2rn- I assume, from your June notification, that your fist choice is Chemeketa. Good luck to you!! It's a wonderful program!
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    It is my first choice...and thank you! I see you all wandering the halls in Bldg 8 and I REALLY want to be one of you!
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    Wandering the halls or staggering around, dazed and confused? This term has been rough on me so far, but the instructors and my fellow students are amazingly supportive. Chemeketa was my first choice as well, and I feel extremely lucky to have gotten on on my first try (especially since it's the only program I applied to). Good luck to you! PM me if you want; I'm happy to help any way I can. My alarm will be shrieking in 6 short hours, so I'm off to bed.
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    Oh, goodness! I can't imagine the anxiety of waiting until june. Do you have many classes left to keep yourself occupied?

    It went very well, thank you! Now we must wait!
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    OHSU will send out acceptances in April as well as Linfield. FOREVER if you ask me.
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    hellownewyear--why didn't you apply to any other schools?
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    I have applied to Linfield ABSN, and to OHSU's OCNE 3 year program. Linfield is my first choice but OHSU is great as well. I hope to be accepted to one of course, my prereqs for OHSU is over a 3.9 but my prereqs for Linfield are around a 3.7 so not sure of my chances for Linfield especially because I have a low cumulative but staying positive, I just hope 1000 people dont apply for the accelerated program lol.
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    VonE- I have one term left of general ed. prerequisites. I wanted to wait until they were completed before I applied to elsewhere, so that I would be more competitive! If I am not accepted by WWU, then I will apply to University of Portland and several schools out of state in the coming fall. I wanted a 2-year BSN program, which is what turned me away from OHSU (it is three).