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Does anyone have any thoughts on the lpn program at Pioneer Pacific? My husband just got in there with plans of transfering to an lpn-rn program. Thanks!... Read More

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    Hmmm...yes, my very sister was very excited when she found the LPN info about pioneer pacific (she thought it might be helpful to me as a shorter step towards nursedom). I talked with my teacher at PCC about it. I am currently fulfilling prerequisites and getting my CNA.

    My teacher recommended the CNA path, since I already have a BFA.
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    How could being a CNA be more beneficial than an LPN? That is absurd. As a matter of fact, there are many programs, PCC included, which accept the Pioneer Pacific as a transfer. It is damn near impossible to get in anywhere, but if you have a degree as an LPN, you are a sure-bet.
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    Various educational institutions offer points/incentives/recommendations for CNAs to get in. It does look like being an LPN is more helpful.

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    By being an LPN you can easily test into the second year of many community colleges. By having your CNA you do gain experience in patient care, but nowhere near the nursing experience you gain by being just that, a nurse.
    One year of lpn school + one year of nursing=RN. Yes, you do have to take more classes such as pathophys, food & nutrition & micro. But it is more of a sure thing than just simply taking the pre-req's and being a cna. Trust me, I am a cna, about to graduate with my RN and my husband is doing it the lpn-rn route. His seems much quicker and simpler, not easier. Just easier to get in.
    One more plus: He can make more money as an lpn during school than I have as a cna.
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    Quote from AMLPN2B
    I am currently a student in the pioneer pacific lpn program, I graduate the first week of December. I have been looking into LPN to RN programs as well. Clark community college and chemeketa (in salem) take lpn transfer students. Once the program is fully accredited you can apply to portland community college as a transfer student (within 2 years of approval). The program will get full accreditation once the first graduating class graduates and 85% of the class passes the state board.
    Most community colleges require lpn transfer applicants to take a knowledge verification test and then put you on a waiting list. It is important to note that to apply for a traditional nursing program you need to have that schools pre-reqs completed. The pioneer pacific A&P does not transfer.
    Most programs start once a year during september so it will take at least a year to start. Clark College does start every term.
    I am leaning towards the excelsior program because it will allow me to work full time and continue my education. I have checked with the state board of nursing and the excelsior program is accepted in Oregon with no additional clinical time.
    I hope this information was helpful!
    How did this turn out for you? Did you do the Excelsior program and did Oregon BON allow you to sit for NCLEX? what are you doing now??
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    Two of my co-workers will be graduating from the Pioneer Pacific (Wilsonville) LPN program soon. The feedback has been quite negative, but it's possible that some of the problems will be corrected in the future. Some of the complaints involve instructors dressing/behaving very inappropriately, or not showing up for class, or repeatedly showing up late with multiple excuses.

    It is not a cheap program, and I would be very upset with the current quality of the have to be a very self-motivated student.

    Both students plan to pursue an RN license as soon as possible, so the LPN is just an interim license. Too bad it's so tough to get into a good program these days!
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    I plan to apply to this school in may for the July course lpn.. If I go threw this will I be able to do RN online?

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